Spirits of Aguaje? The Plant of Feminine Transformation

I’m trying to compile a great deal of information of entities based around transformation/shape-shifting. Anyway, I was wondering does anyone know of any spirits or goddesses associated with the plant “aguaje”?

The plant itself has very interesting transformative properties pertaining to beauty. Some say, it can even turn a man into a woman… I would be interested to learn more about entities associated with it, but I’ve had very little luck researching it on my end.

Sounds spanish.try to translate into anotherl anguages.

Like this one?

Maybe spirits from this plants natural habitat/geography are connected to it. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

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Edit: maybe Flower god and his female twin could give out hints


Yep! That is the one!

Thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to check them out.

Lol, easier said than done @zorrito

I’ll add a bit of background in case anyone is interested. I know some of our transgender members might be…

Aguaje has fascinated me for some time. It contains potent phytoestrogens, chemicals known to feminize the body. The regions where it grows and is consumed on a regular basis experiences a higher birth rate of women. Many of which seem to age slower. In fact, in the region pregnant mothers wishing to have a daughter, eat especially large quantities of the fruit. However, very little is actually written on the subject. Its a really fascinating mystery. And I’m especially intrigued by whatever spirits oversee this process.


I would look into the goddess Inanna. She is especially known for stories revolving around transforming her male priests into female. I know she is Sumerian/ Mesopotamian, and not south American where this plant hails from, but I think she would be helpful in decoding it for the needs you listed.


Thank you @Lucy88! I’ve heard the name, but I’m actually unfamiliar with Innana. I’ll need to look into her. Her personality is similar.