Spirits not responding

Because a person isn’t seeking a relationship with them, but rather to have powers and other cool stuff too; could it be that they are hesitating to work with the person for that reason?

@Nightside is this rhetorical or are you asking in your case and feeling that they aren’t responding to you?

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Its not about me this time, In fact I think Furcas just showed me something.

There are a ton of reasons that a spirit may seemingly not respond to someone…

Congrats on your illumination via Furcas :open_mouth:


Thanks … instead of looking to my left or right at the wall ceiling plane corner, I looked behind to my right, after not noticing much concentrating on the left or right. But as I pictured that point as a dot as in math, and then a line moving, I could swear I saw a bright white light in the corner “dot”, and a gold orb appeared and disappeared. Almost saw the static rain. I have seen it before on the front left corner, but only concentrated to that specific area.

The reason for my question is that this is a popular question, lusting for results, lusting for timing and as you mentioned, several other reasons possible; which are echoed in Deomons of Magic that I was reading on Connective Evocation, and it seems he was hinting between the lines on relationships being important, even though the magician is in control.

My friend, analyzing things that intently is also lusting after results in my book.

But to answer your question - no. DarkestKnight doesn’t seek relationships, but can work with them, as an example.

Whereas I prefer relationships in some cases, but don’t “need” them.


In most cast, it’s not spirits that aren’t responding . It’s the magician not being able to see them.
Maybe due to a state of fatigue, a lack of energy or motivation that don’t allow him to enter the Theta Gamma state.
Desire for power is rarely a motive for spirits not to manifest.