Spirits more powerful and evil than demons

Do anyone of you know or even possibly worked with entities more evil than the infamous 72 demons of the goetia? It’s just been a curious thought in my mind recently and I absolutely do not plan on seeking darker entities of higher caliber. I just want to know if ( coming from a RHP perspective ) if the goetic demons are at the top in regards of powerful dark spirits or if there are entities that are above them ( maybe not demons still but another category perhaps) in power , dark , and evil matters making them perhaps the true villains of the universe…

Yes I’ve worked a well known malevolent Entity for two years before. Together we’re caused very bad things to- and harmed people for joy and for feeding from their energies for years. Lot of spirit was receptive for this besides him.

Some spirits name don’t even known before the humanity, it is absolute logically to them to do bad things for the hope of more energies (and of course most of people rather afraid of ‘paranormal’ things and from the Spirit world - which means it is more easier to make them fear than make them understand and love). Hm… I wouldn’t call all of Them evil… just “power saving”.

You can find malevolent (mentioned) Demons between the 72 - I’m momentarily working one of Them Who looks like also ready to doing things like I’ve done before.


Something to keep in mind is that spirits don’t exactly follow the same moral compass as humans do unless it benefits them or the person/people they’re trying to help. A demon is just as capable of being benevolent as an angel is of being malevolent. Alignment to darkness and light doesn’t matter as they don’t represent good or evil.


Completely agree. They seem to have their own form of morality or at least code of conduct. So it is hard to put them in neat, subjective categories that can be ranked when we are playing a game of checkers while they are used to playing Go.

But as far as Spirits being “dark”, Arhiman and the Deavas from Zoroastrianism is pretty up there


Angels and demons in the scheme of spirits and their worlds as it was taught to me aren’t real old or powerful, they just happen to have close ties with many of the souls in this world and so take a relatively active role in things here. So I’d answer your question yes.


Yes, I’ve met some.

Let’s keep in mind that the 72 Goetic Demons aren’t all the Demons that exist. There are those whose powers surpass those listed in the Grimoire. Recently I found out that there are higher demons than Lucifer. Which if they appear, Lucifer will take steps backwards for them to pass.

Now, to entities that are more powerful, (not all of them are dark Spirits but few) powerful than demons. That demons can’t even penetrate their plane, nor face them in combat, they avoid them.

But there are real powerful, dark and evil entities…the real villains human should fear but demons are whom they call enemies. But these are the true enemies. Some are from the Moon, I’ve met some in the Sun.


Chronozon might be the one that you are looking for.

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Yaaah I agree there are some spirits which are more powerful and less merciful than the 72 goetic demon’s…

Well first it depends on what you define evil … But so far saying demon’s are evil is more when you look to them by the approach of abrahamic religions but demon’s aren’t evil at all … It’s you a person who conjure them will categorize the evil and the goodness and then brand it on demon’s…

That’s why President Marbas the same demon who can heal and save life but also can inflicts diseases and curses because for them evil doesn’t exists … But it exist to us who conjure them…

So I would advice to start to change your perspective on demons … :smiley:


Ok i don’t know of any such cosmic enemies, but i think some entities might be extremely powerful and malicious when it comes to affecting the human world, without having to be a universal villain or some big names in the astral world.

I come from Vietnam, and our culture lacks a centralized mythology/demonology, but in our daily practice we encounter a lot of stories and rules about interacting with spirits. If you ask me, the most dangerous spirits are not permanently evil cosmic entities, but much more complex. For example:

There are Buddhist pagodas and there are temples worshipping local gods, and there are pagoda temples that fuse the 2. People who once lived, esp heroes and kings, are also often deified. (It’s an on-going thing. My father’s ex-boss was recently deified and became the patron god of this village; he was a kind and very rich man and after he died in an accident and lost one part of his body in the village, the very poor village suddenly prospered). The general rule is that you shouldn’t do anything sacrilegious to these entities on their sacred ground, or while mentioning them elsewhere. If you say you’re going to visit them, you should keep your words. Buddhist pagodas are generally safer, but temples, the more sacred they are (means their power/protection is known to work) the more dangerous it is to even touch a leaf in their home of worship. The local gods are anything but lenient. My mom once told me of a daughter of her friend who did something stupid to the trees in a big temple in Hanoi and ended up with half-body paralysis the day after. Anecdotal, perhaps, but better safe than sorry. And tbh these gods are so believed in, i dont think Goetic demons can save you if they’re angry. As for village patron god/desses (like my dad’s ex-boss): some of them were heroes and good people, some were simply powerful/ruthless bandit lords, so they could be malicious too. I am not big on properly worshipping in pagodas/temples so I often stay outside in the garden or sth, just to be safe.

Still, if we talk about actual casualties and deaths caused by entities, they would mostly attributed to earth-bound spirits. They were once humans, mostly, but now they’ve been reduced to a bundle of obsessive thoughts. In vietnam if you’re young and die of unnatural cause on the street, esp if you’re a maiden, chances are they’ll erect a small shrine for you. There are certain types of trees that have long roots sprouting from their trunks and are believed to attract spirits, and if you die near them i’m pretty sure you’ll be worship at a small shrine attached to them. Because ghosts like you are believed to be the most malicious of all. Young women who died of traffic accidents are said to pull other people into the same deaths at the same spots. And these stray earth bound spirits, consoled by offerings at mini-shrines are so creepy we often try to ignore the shrines if we see them. Better safe than sorry. Earth bound spirits are also rumored to be in buildings (abandoned or other wise), even residential houses. This is common so i won’t bother to explain how it works. People get strangled in their sleep or come to the house to bleed to death etc.

And there are spirits that are earth-bound but also human-bound. They like or hate you or just for some reason get attached to you. They cause hallucinations that directly hinder your ability to sustain yourself: every food you see looks like maggots, disturbed at night, etc etc. On one rare occasion I heard of one manifesting deadly cancer out of nowhere, which disappeared after successful exorcism (no it didn’t involve throwing salt or beating, just some rituals and talking and offerings - he was the patient’s ex-lover who wanted to take her with him)

One particularly odd type of, idk what the type even is, malicious spirits, are those that drag people into ponds. It’s common in Vietnam, especially in women. They reportedly sleepwalk into ponds and obvs never come back. My dad told me when he was a boy he suddenly had the urge to follow a fireflies light one night and nearly went down a pond himself, but luckily someone saw him and yelled at him.

There’s also a game that children play, where you summon a ghost into a can and provoke it and run, and whoever is the slowest get beat up by the ghost. I dont even know why they play that. But they do play that.

So what i mean, in short, is that there are entities that are not particularly mythological or great or villainous. They might barely know anything outside their village. But they might be very efficient in what they do and what they do might be very deadly, and hard to deal with.

Edit: the examples i mentioned are drawn from things i heard from family members (who are skeptics) about their friends. If i include general hear-say it’ll be too many.


Well anyone use the necronomicon for cursing or pazuzu? Vodoo has strong spirts,so the India tradicion.but you guys try shawdo mens Magick? Yes Wonder

I like to think of it as less of good vs evil, and more as powers that preserve the status quo vs powers that threaten to change it. Light at its best brings security and comfort and at its worst brings tyranny and stagnation. Darkness at its best brings freedom and possibility and its worst brings anarchy and death.

This can be seen as good vs evil depending on who you talk to, but that’s just the human perspective. Which is by nature limited and self-absorbed. We like to consider good and bad based around what is in our favor or against it. So, we gravitate to whatever and whoever provides that or thinks the same. Total universalism is just not possible for us, but we have a tendency to make believe it is; a self made delusion.

For something to be truly malevolent, as you put it, it’d have to rely on human based logic, or be so ancient and alien it is completely removed from such. Even though I’ve never met these sorts of beings, I like to call them primordials. And in my mythology, they inhabit the deepest areas of the underworld, further than even most demons care to tread. Hypothetically, I doubt they’d even be aware of us humans.

Not quite. If I recall reading, Zoroastrianism is as much an attack on Hinduism as Christianity was to the civilizations that surrounded it. As in to say a way to combat polytheism.

Judeo,christian,islamic god thought form…" love jesus or burn for eternity".