Spirits Guiding

I’ve been experiencing spirit contact past couple weeks.

I am at a place where nine years ago I did a ritual for general guidance from Set, God of Desert and Chaos. Immediately following the closing of the ritual, I walked outside and my gaze was struck by a stick at my feet about three inches tall. It had the girth of a toothpick. It was a little twig whose bark had been naturally removed to reveal it’s smooth strength.

What drew my gaze to this stick among sticks was that it bore such resemblance to the Scepter of Tcham that when I sent a picture of it to a friend, his response was, “Unholy Shit!” I took it as a sign that Set had heard and answered. The mist of time clouded my memory until several days ago. Nine years later, I arrived at the place, and when I was trying to text, my alphabet buttons started pushing themselves. Several letters of gibberish later, it stopped.

I thought it was a glitch. Same thing next day. I figured my phone is going bad. A few days went by.

Past two days my phone has stopped playing EA’s Black Magick course videos about a dozen times. The video just randomly pauses.

Tapped the play button. Still paused. Stopping and restarting the app does nothing. Pushing the 15-second forward button does nothing. The only thing that makes the video run again is pushing the 15-seconds back button. I push the back button. Video plays again. In a couple places it then stops in the same spot. I repeated the back-button then stopping at same spot again three times in one spot, twice in another before the video stopped stopping and flowed on. I realized all spots were during parts where EA was emphasizing somthing.

One point was that the three best crossroads gateways b/w spirit and physical are fire, water and blood. The other was describing steps in a spell. The repetition of me being required to push the back button helped get the ideas into my memory.

I decided to increase my spiritual focus, so I’ve gone internet shopping. I do most of my shopping on Amazon. Three times yesterday when I logged on to shop for ritual tools, my computer started in with the same random typing I saw on my phone–this time I was trying to put in my password. I had to be persistent and methodical to finally log on each time. It was at that point that I decided this was a pattern sufficient to infer spirit behavior rather than random electronics glitches.

I feel it is confirmation and encouragement. The spirits are saying hello and come along and be persistent and focused. If you experience similar glitches perhaps it is more than random.


It sounds like a blacklash from something that you have cast, perhaps a baneful casting that was not acceded to. This isn’t encouragement but a warning not to transgress.


Thank you kindly for your input. It has inspired an hour of writing responses, then gaining insight, then deleting those responses, then realizing I need to do another working for guidance.

Fuck I love magick!



What I am saying is the complete opposite, just by using common sence and logic. The deity has not acceded to your baneful work. Obviously if the deity is destroying your Internet connection to further your rituals its a sign not to continue.

The twig and household insects are not a sign but just a common, every day nuisance.

How would you advise I proceed? I’ve not received a similar response before.

A working is performed, the response is “a warning not to transgress” as you say. Do you mean I’ve committed a transgression, or it would be a transgression to do anything to further the baneful working’s goal? Are you suggesting that the deity is saying I stop doing ritual work altogether or just stop working with that deity?

Thanks. Your input is helping.

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Yes, the deity involved with your ritual has sent you a sign that he will not carry out your ritual request for the specified baneful casting and not to pursue this request.

No, you can continue with your rituals and enjoy them and still work with the deity. From what I have learned you should start with knowledge and divination and as you work with a specific deity, as you progress with your rituals you should make a pact or agreement outling your goals with that deity that you both agree on.

Once you have established a relationship with a specigic deity and completed several basic rituals that have worked lets say prosperity and success with finance and business. Than i would do a divination about a baneful casting and see if the deity would accept the ritual and if it would succeed. Lets say the answer is no. I would than ask what is holding him back and can i make a pact to proceed with different terms to effect the baneful work that both the sorcerer and spirit can live with.

Think about what you want to accomplish, meditate on it, especially if there’s anger involved with a situation, put the frustration aside. Calm and steady and continue with your path with a different course that can succeed and solve the problem.

@lawclerk many thanks.

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