Spirits, Godforms, or Spells Related to the Penis

As I stated in my introduction, I am a relative beginner, so I may be asking uninformed questions. If that is so, I apologize in advance. I am seeking contact with a spirit associated with the human male phallus. I know there have been such spirits worshipped throughout various cultures, but I don’t know where to start.

The most obvious answer would be Priapus, of Greek religion. I don’t know whether to call him a God or a Godform. But the simple fact is that I have no idea how to contact him or get his assistance.

In another post, I saw someone referring to Pan as a possible spirit. Again, I have no idea how to contact this god either.

I have also read about Incubus demons, but I am not looking to have sex with a spirit. This is not what I need.

Are there any sigils associated with this? Would creating a servitor be appropriate? Would I be able to contact Priapus? How about demons of African or Hoodoo religion? I know this is a broad question, and any and all help would be so much appreciated.

I would, of course, be willing to share any insights I learn from working with these spirits, spells, godforms, servitors, etc.

Thank you all in advance.


Why? What is your purpose? If you clarify that, we may be able to suggest appropriate spirits for you.


I would like to have a spirit create a penis of my choosing. Size, shape, etc. I would work at the molecular level or the DNA level. I would perhaps bend time to change my puberty. I have heard people who affect others’ perception of you, but this is not primarily what I want. Not that it matters, but I already have a large member. It’s about more than that. There’s something specific about the phallic gods that I’m going after. I’d like to discuss this with an ancient or get guidance, change, etc.

There is spirit/life force/enn in nag hammadi Texts connected to penis

Belphegore seems to have been worshiped with a phallic idol.

Thank you for your reply. You may not know the answer to this question, but if I wanted to contact this spirit, how might I do so?

Interesting! I wonder how I might contact Belphegore in a safe way. Does anybody here have experience with him? I have read that one needs experience.

Thanks for this rare find. I did quick search in the The Nag Hammadi Library (available on archive.org) it says ‘Arabeei, the left penis’, wonder what is left penis, followed by ‘Eilo, the testicles’ and ‘Sorma, the genitals’.

One last mention ‘all the genitals Bathinoth’. I don’t see any enn for any of these entities in the pdf. Would you know where one can get the information?

This is a religous religious festival in Japan dedicated to the penis.

Yes and there is a problem here cus we dont reeally now Who wrote scrolls. Furthermore cus of this we cant Find the oryginal tradition of this beings/angles/etc…

Ok but it is good to know some entities like these exist. May be sooner or later one can find a way out to talk to them.

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Maybe they could be earth intelgences like in bardons books. But someone with more knowledge should confirm this.

Yea, some spirit related to body changes would be sweet.