Spirits for GoFundMe Magick

Can anyone suggest any spirits or rituals to attract attention to my GoFundMe site?

I have tried two servitors with no success. And I have tried King Paimon with Belial with a little success then the donations stopped. The site has been frozen at the same amount for four months.

Should I just give up and start a new campaign?

Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism and suggestions.


No one has given me an answer.

This is serious!

Which entity is recommended for getting people to come to my site and donate money?

Bune maybe?

Clauneck? Lucifuge?

Not really, the world is full of cries for help, what you need is a spirit of inspiration to give you an angle, outside the magickal world (because I’m charitably assuming this isn’t a bump for your appeal to this forum :wink: ) that gets you the help you need.

Once you have an angle you can raise yourself above the mass of hands reaching out for help and maybe get a wealthy patron or someone who will help you properly.

I don;t know what angle that could take, but I suggest calling one of the major demonic Kings and/or an ancestral god if you know where some of your ancestors came from.

Ask them to show you a route to fulfilling your need and climbing back up the ladder.

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Are you trying to stir up money for a business venture Or just sticking your hand out?
That would have an effect on what spirits I would go to for help.


Sticking my hand out. For now. Then later for a business venture.

well i love your honesty :grin:


Why would I lie to a sweet lady like you? :smiley: