Spirits for becoming a professional musician

So I am a fairly good singer (most say that I’m incredible but I don’t like boasting). Problem is that I’m living with my Christian mom and going to a Christian college. I’m definitely willing to give my all to music but I need a jumpstart of sorts. Does anyone know any spirits that can help with this? I basically need my own house and the ability to make a living from my music. I have a pact with Lucifer btw


Music and the arts is a tricky one. The only way you can really reliablly get somewhere, is through magic. I know alot of people swear by lucifer for this, but you also think about asking Azathoth. Odd choice, I know, but he’s always done right by me.

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If you want things on the downlow for your family, use Israfel, the angel of art, music, and poetry.

And for the record, I don’t consider the angels to be any more RHP than demons, they’re just easier for some ignorant people to swallow


Ok lol. I was mainly talking about the business and getting the money. I kinda have the music side down

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Can still help you outshine others in the field :slight_smile:

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If you want to be a professional singer you need more than a spirit to teach you music. You will also need a spirit who can help you with fame, marketing opportunities etc.


I would agree with this choice and I believe there is a Celtic god of music as well, however I would not contact Azathoth just yet, because, in my opinion, he isn’t really beginner friendly (I think you’re still a beginner? Correct me if I’m wrong)


Excellent post; most people seem to downplay magick and spirituallity and how well they affect our careers. All the famous people in the Arts such as Pop Stars… I’m going to bet that they used some powerful magick.


Do you think it would be okay to stop college?

Not exactly sure. Keep this in mind though… one of the things most people in “The Arts” do that I have noticed is they do not always have a “Business Mind.” In other words you have to satisfy requirements that make yourself Marketable to the business crowd.

So what spirits could help with that

Hard to say. Depends on what you want to work on, and what angle you want to attack it from as each spirit are good at certain things.

Mainly the marketing. I have the music down :blush:

I’m not an expert on the Industry. I would figure as far as Marketing you would want to market yourself in the business sector, but also get yourself out on a more Personal Level. For example like some people who became more known through Youtube.

Hmm okay lol.

How about king Paimon? He can influence people right?

I do not work with him. You could ask him if he is good at influence large crowds and populations.

Okay lol

nowadays, i dont even think being a good musician is much of a requirement


True, only luck…

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