Spirits, etc connected to 999, 777, 555 and 444

does anyone know any forces connected to 777, 999, 444? even when I looked over just now I saw 777, 999 and 555. I have a list but I want to make sure I have a complete list. Here are some links to help. Anything that comes to mind as to what spirits is helpful . Thank you.


*forces or spirits, etc


For me, Lucifer has making me know he is the one sending 777, so i know i just need to relax and everything will be ok,
Lucifer also sends me 1111, just to tell me to watch out my thoughts.
Belial is the one sending 555, just to tell me anything i am doing will be come to fruition very fast!

Mammon will be sending 444, it is when he is asking me to ground, and that all of my problems…are not so hard as i think!^^

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