Spirits dealing with health and death

Hi all, I am looking to envoke a spirt to be able to find out information regarding someone close to a friend of mine to find out exactly how long they have left before their health issues get the better of them.
Does anyone know of any relevant spirits/beings to envoke for this information?

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Marbas for healing and health who is the 5th spirit in the Ars Goetia, he is able to endow the magician with health and or heal others. He could also help with gaining health info on yourself or others.

Check out this link:

What is the best time to evoke this spirit and as well is their any specific tools I would require?

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Rituals with Marbas are done supposedly during Wednesdays. However, the time of the ritual is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

Below is a link regarding casting with Marbas it includes spell work and several YouTube vids that should get you started.

A healing spell with the Goetic demon Marbas: