Spirits can pull you out? Astral Projection

This confuses me, I’ve been reading that a demon/entity or another type of spirit can pull you out of your body forcefully? Like how would that even work? Wouldn’t you need to be in a similar state as you would to naturally AP in order to be pulled out? Also I heard that being pulled out can make it very difficult to naturally project since it is forceful…so why would someone want this? Although I’m sure some situations happen without consent.


It can happen

You might want this if

The spirit is helping you to learn how to astral project by helping you learn what it feels like

You might not like it

If it wasn’t consensual and the following experiences are traumatic

I think it just happens if the spirit is able to over power you


What does it feel like to be pulled out? Like what is the spirit doing? The word “pull out” makes me think of the spirit grabbing the energy body and yanking the person out or something…


Although I can see how it would be helpful, if you wanted to feel what it’s like and experience it…might help with motivation to get through the grunt work to do it on your on and with reassurance that AP is real…

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Yes they basically are grabbing your energy body and pulling it out Tends to happen when we’re trying to sleep or meditate

Its not uncommon for them to start at your feet (don’t know why)

Its hard to explain what it feels like at least for me in the same way its hard to describe what flexing a muscle feels like. You have to just flex the muscle to learn that.

Or you learn hot by burning yourself for the first time

Its a bit like learning you have layers and being able to feel each layer disconnect and come back together

I’ve been told by several people I seem to always be half out of my body energy healers have told me this physical trainers etc

So coming back together and being firmly in my body is actually the bigger issue for me I’m also very clutzy and accident prone

So we all have something to work on


Always half out of your body? Like your astral/energy body is always about half disattached from your physical body? Huh… I’ve never heard of that but yeah I can see why that could possibly interfere with things…but probably beneficial when trying to AP because your astral body isn’t so “stuck” to your physical.

The one time I think I woke up during an AP I felt like it was impossible to fully separate like weights or super strong gravity pulling me back into my body yet trying to separate at the same time, needless to say I was pulled back in. Cool experience though.

when i first met Nahema she tried to pull me out, but it felt so weird that i pulled myself back by instinct… it was weird, but then i realized what she was doing and said i was sorry… i heard that she likes to do this to people, so yeah, spirits can pull you out :smile:


Interesting, I figure if you wouldn’t expect it the shock of being pulled out and NOT in your body might make you instinctually go back in your body? So I guess you’d have to be aware and not panic.

They can yank you out into the astral, it feels like your levitating but going through a tunnel, speed increases until everything eventually turns white.

Edit- mine does it to help me, not forced lol i was wide awake when it happend. Baby steps lol


Anyone who can project can pull another into a projection, the thing is, it’s useless and waste everyone’s time because being pulled out doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see, and given it’s the astral, you simply become a target for a lot of thoughtforms looking for a battery to cling to.

They cannot force your senses to perceive the area around you, even if it seems like an easy way to get there, it’s not.


yeah, i was awake and i just finished a ritual with her - she did this out of the blue so i didn’t expect it… it was interesting and i’d like to try it some time

So you’d need to work on your astral senses I suppose then? You’d be blind and senseless in the astral plane? Why would demons/deities/spirits/gods do this then?

Yes you’d need to work on your clairs to be able to perceive the astral environment(s), and because they requested them to, Gods, Demons, etc can say no if they wanted but people more times than not learn more from their mistakes through experience rather than being told no.


It is one method of trying to get the energy body projected where different parts are stimulated one at a time, some start with the arms, head, and so forth, the wave of vibrations from the parts separating from the physical body.


Let me share with you one of my personal experiences, so you get an idea of how this may be possible or feels.

At the time this experience happened, I had a connection with a lovely succubus, which made her appearances in dreams and I guess decided, she wanted to take it a step further.

One morning, I get half-awake from sleep, yet fully conscious in my body. I absolutely know for certain, that I were still fully in my body at that time.

I’m on my bed with my eyes closed. I feel her presence behind me and her touching my body. In that state, the sensation of the presence and touches from entities is very strong, much more as when I’m awake. As I sense her and enjoy that she is with me, she, after a bit, decides to move over me, and I feel as she moves, and lays down in front of me.

That’s when I thought I wanted to see her and carefully check if I could see her. As I open my eyes, I see a very beautiful and sweet woman in front me, which felt exciting. However, understanding that I’m in a “special” state right then, I try to not get overexcited, knowing that I get fully awake when I do and things would fade away quickly. Later, I realized, that I didn’t opened my real eyes but that I must have been looking on her through my third eye. At times, I’ve seen things through my eyelids, so to say.

Only some moments pass, as she decides to progress further. As I manage to stay in this state, 100% conscious, but my body not 100% awake yet, suppose it was a good decision! She reaches with her arms under me, and it is as if I move as she pushes from below and moments later I’m sitting on my bed up. It felt absolutely natural, however, as I fully realized only later, I were no longer in my body. Yes, she did pull me out of my body by helping me sit up that moment. As I went with it, it worked like a charm.

In that state now, I would move freely and had no more fear of waking up my body, unconsciously though not thinking about it but rather instinctively acting as if I knew it. And we would kiss each other and roll over the bed in our non-physical bodies until at one point we even fall down from the side on the floor, when we kept rolling too much while kissing lol. Damn, was that great!

Some time later, I got pulled back in my body and that’s when I absolutely realized and THOUGHT about it, that I had left my body earlier and when exactly it happened.

Well… how did it feel? Absolutely natural with her help. It didn’t feel forceful, or like anything unusual. But, as if it would be something I would have done a thousand times, even though I haven’t. It didn’t cause any trauma or anything else at all. Maybe, because I actually were looking forward to an experience with her of some kind and greeted, when she took the opportunity for us to be able to interact in such a way.

A few days ago, I was sleeping on my back and at some point, I started feeling like I was floating in the water and something dragged me 5-10 cm above my body (like there was a strong magnetic force and my body moved through a heavy energy field). When I opened my eyes, I saw a green orb hovering above my bed that shone like a diamond (it was visible to my physical eyes) but it immediately flew towards the window and vanished. Does this sound like an AP?


I don’t know that I would describe it like that but I don’t see why it couldn’t feel like that.

I’ve had similar sensations when Apollo works on my energy body but it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to coax me out it feels like he’s upgrading it…if that makes sense.

I can’t say I really know what he’s doing but I’ve always thought of it as an upgrade.

When I’m being coaxed out of my body it feels more like a seperation like when you get light headed. I don’t know how else to describe it other than that

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I think some can do it , The Archangel Michael transports me places when I go to astral travel , it is quite interesting

It happened to me one night. Lakshmi pulled me out, i asked to me her when I did a ritual! It was a little scary at first but I got what I asked for🤗