Spirits bothering my non occult girlfriend

Last night my girlfriend and I were going to bed. I had this weird feeling to lock my bedroom door which I don’t ever get. So I did. at 4:30am my girlfriend grabs my arm tight and tells me to hold her because shes scared. I touched her and she was cold and shaky, but its normal for her to have bad dreams and wake up, asking me to hold her. But this time she wouldnt go back to bed, and she told me she wanted to go home. So I asked what happened and she couldnt get it out of her mouth. She finally decides to get up and actually pack and leave at 4:45am.

We are texting and now she won’t even leave her car until she sees a human outside which took about half an hour. Needless to say I am fucking tired today. Apparently she had a dream that there was a bang on the door, and she told me not to answer it, which I replied that its probably my land lord. When I opened the door, a man pushed the door open, shoots me, then shoots her. Next thing she knows, she opens her eyes in real life and there is a old half man half animal with 3 others standing by the bedroom door, and he says, wow youre very hard to wake up… (which she is extremely hard to wake up, it quite frightening how you can literally blow an airhorn in her ear and she would not move a muscle)… So she grabbed me and they disappeared…

Any thoughts?


May I ask which (if any) entities you work with?

The only interpretation I can think of is perhaps they want her to begin practice.

Yes…as I read that the spirits coined the term in my ear “Welcome to the Family.”

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I wonder if “wake up” means something deeper than just waking up from the dream?


Most recently, Belial, Sallos, Mammon, Azazel, Bune, Mehmi’on,

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I thought if Azazel when you described half man half animal


Thats exactly why I asked. Have any of them seemed to take interest with her?

As I said, perhaps they are trying to help her and went about it in a way that scared her because they are used to us being okay with those forms…


Belial has, shes not scared of Belial because he has helped her. He has come in her dreams but never touched her. But I do not think it was actually himself if he had anything to do with it.


Maybe Azazel? He has a very intense presence in my dreams and in the real world. He always seems to scare the crap out of me when he appears.He wakes me out of very deep sleeps. Even though I know him and recognize his energy I still get that chill up my spine.

Well, she said an older man with an animal body. Any demons anyone know if that look like this?

half animal half human and old fits the description of most demons. Sorry man. Hmmm perhaps it was a wandering spirit. Perhaps just a bad dream. I suggest a banishing ritual and also maybe create a servitor for her. Some what relating to a post i just made. I suggest evoking Terminus to help keep your area free from negative energy.


Haha yes…those demons are Jealous men trying to steal your GF!


Yes I know, I was lik seriously, thats all youve got. But she did say it was an old man with a young voice,

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hmmm. An old man from the goetia reminds me of some depictions of Bune. Also from E.A.'s list of demons to help with spirits he names a certain demon who looks like an old man with a scar. And you shouldn’t ask him about his scar or something like that. Old man young voice reminds me of Glasya Labolas… I think the best way for you to find out would be to meditate and try to separate the different energies in the room(assuming you haven’t done a banishing since it happened)

I would definitely say trace the energies to where it’s from. If the event gave her that big of a shock then it should still leave some energetic imprint on the bedroom where she slept in ( if this was outward physical activity ).

You could also scry the old fashioned way ( bowl of water / dry ice / black oil / blood / scrying mirrror ) you could scry and try to figure out who this entity is. Ask it to contact you maybe. Or just plainly evoke it and ask it to state it’s intent

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Azazel has a tendency to manifest without being called and he will make his presence known to all that are present.


I can attest to that :expressionless: he has a twisted but funny since a humor.


hard as you might love her you only have 3 choices.

1:(the safer option) cut her loose, break up with her. she’s obviously not the one for you.

2: get her into magic! they obviously have a link to her, she needs to know how to protect herself!

3: CALL UPON THE GODDESS!! to do what? i dont know thats up to you! but consult with a goddess of some kind, you wont regret it.


WiseManEcho was the old dude. He is a DeMonZ!!!

I don’t know how occultists can date non-occultists… I can’t even imagine how it would work… probably poorly.

I’m glad I have my @Anastasiya so I don’t have to worry about non-occult girlfriends…