Spirits and systems/techniques


Hi I all,

I have a question for the more experienced ones. Do you think the Evocation should stick with the system by the book, or can you pick the technique of evocation that suits you best and work with all spirits within it?
What I mean is, could we evoke a spirit from Kingdom Of Flames using the technique from Evoking Eternity, or the Book Of Azazel, or the Verum for that Matter, or must we evoke each spirit only with the techniques described in the book where we found its sigil?

Hope I managed to make the question clear.



You can use preferred methods in most cases. Just don’t try to evoke an angel or spirit using the demonic circle of pacts.


I evoked dantalion with a combo of the balg and boa methods of evocation.


Hey, Wolf999 … I think we have a whole lot of freedom regarding style & manner of evocation & invocation. It is very important to really “get into” the ritual; to feel it & to sense its “working”. So cerrtainly you ought make changes that seem important to you -any intuitive hits or strong preferences… ALL books are guidelines, nothing more.

Having said that, I also think that, generally speaking, you should structure the evocation or summoning ritual around the phyllums: demons are not angels are not spirits are not nethers, etc. Use demonic rituals for demons, angelic for angels, etc. :wink: Z


I think the method given in Evoking Eternity would work on any type of supernatural being. EA gives the details about what to change in regards to the type of spirit you are evoking. Angels in the East, Demons in the South, Elementals in the North and Spirits of the Dead in the West. I think you would change the color of the candles used and maybe the adornment of the temple to reflect the type of being you’re intending to evoke. I’ve used the EE method for Angels and Elementals…I haven’t spoken with any demons or spirits of the dead though.


I’d say follow your intuition and do what feels right for you. If you have doubts about a certain technique and/or ritual, then don’t. If it feels okay, then go for it!
Also, imo there’s no book to be taken litteraly to the letter (with the exception of names, sigils, attributes maybe). Like Zoe sais, they are but guidelines.
What always helps me is to work with just the sigil first in order to get “acquainted” with that specific entity.


I would have to agree with everyone. I think it’s up to you. Everything is possible. Trust your instinct. :slight_smile: I think everyone else pretty much said the rest :wink: heh