Spirits and how the person connects their suffering with the caster?

Question…When a target is being tortured by a spirit, how would the person connect their suffering with the caster? Does the spirit “tell” the target this is why these events and occurrences are happening? I guess I am wondering the logistics of all this.

No, the spirit would not tell them why it is torturing them, unless the target is themselves a powerful magician, and is able to bind the spirit to confess.

However, if the target is not a magician, they may still subconsciously sense where the curse is coming from. and connect it to the caster. We like to bury our animal instincts under the rationale of our cerebral cortex, but that doesn’t mean they are not there, and it doesn’t mean they are not speaking to us all the time. Many of us have had an experience of irrational dislike upon first meeting someone, only for them to later prove our feeling correct by committing some bad act.

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Hmm. Ok. I just want this person to know EXACTLY why and who they need to bow down to in order to make their suffering end.

You can ask the spirit to reveal that information if you wish.

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I am for sure going to ask them to reveal that info. Ha!

Personally, if someone is trying to use magick against me, I am told in my dreams.
The first time this happened was exactly twenty years ago, when in a dream I was shown that there was a person sitting behind a curtain, “playing with the witch pin”. Upon waking, I didn’t realise exactly what this meant but within days I uncovered the journal of my ex, who was staying with my new partner and I at the time, and he had documented a spell that he had performed, which from memory was for me “to do physical violence against” my new partner before a particular moon phase.
These dreams have continued since then, providing me with particular details of what kind of magick it is that is being used, its purpose, and the person who is doing it.
Edit: Also, some confirmation of what was revealed in the dream always follows in the waking world.

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So you think my target will dream about me and then he’ll know? He is by no means into Magick and not really religious either but is somewhat intuitive. The IS spell will be starting this week for nine days but I just had this question. Curious, since you found out who and what the spell was about, were you able to break it? Before you knew, did you have the feelings of doing harm to your partner?

If your real purpose is to make him know, perhaps you ought to go around to his place and throw a brick through his window with a note attached :laughing:
In fact, it’s best that he doesn’t know you are working magick on him. It is best you do it in secret. Let the magick do its work.

In my case, this was the first time anything like that had happened to me so no, I didn’t try to counter the spell. I am only able to articulate the experience the way I have with the benefit of hindsight. I would say that his spell did work, to a degree, in that there was a physical confrontation of sorts (without going into details) but ultimately, I married the target of his magick and his “playing with the witch pin” saw him cut out of my life.

Ohhh. Ok. I see what you’re saying! :grin: I just wanted my target to be able to connect me to the things that were happening to him without him “knowing”, if that makes sense. If the point is that I am casting this spell for him to return to me, I want him to know that in no uncertain terms!

Just my final word on this, I would recommend you open yourself up to the process of transformation. The quickest and easiest way for your spell to work is by creating changes in you: your perspective, your state of mind, and even the decisions and choices you make. Pay special attention to your intuition at this time and follow where it leads you.

Getting another entity to do it makes it less likely to be discovered, but generally there’s always an energy signature if the person does energy work they just trace said energy signature, if they are not then pretty much what DarkestKnight said.

I’m having someone else do it…I’m not skilled enough yet.

Yes, I will. Thank you:)