Spirit woke me up and tried to enter my chest

Alright so the other day. I woke up and got up and had to push a spirit off of me! It was trying to do something to me. I’m not sure if it was trying to possess me or what! But I was having good sleep, then I got woken up and felt something grab me with energy and I thought it was trying to possess me. So I yelled at it and told it to stop and I was cussing at it. I had a little fear but mostly I was just real mad cause I got woken up by an unknown spirit.

It wasn’t sleep paralysis I was fully aware of my surroundings. And it wasn’t a dream.
It was powerful it didn’t feel like anything I’ve ever felt. The spirit has been moving stuff in my hotel room. And it doesn’t do anything but get make me annoyed. It’s not scary when it moves things. But it’s been working on learning how to move things better. And I have to start working out so I can have bigger muscles when the thing tries to possess me again! I’m assuming the thing tried to possess me. But I’m not sure so that’s why I’m gonna assume. Let me know if it was trying to possess me or something. Cause it was trying to enter my chest while I was pushing pushing the energy force back trying to get it to stop. It felt like it was trying to possess me. And I’m not afraid of some spirit making noises in my hotel room. And the spirit has been trying to haunt me in my dreams. But I just learn stuff in those dreams. I kinda like having those dreams Due to it makes me have learn things about myself

Also it makes me mad when the thing makes noises in my room. Anyways what I need to know. Is if the unknown spirit was trying to possess me?


You can just ask the spirit it’s self what it was trying to do and why if you don’t want it there ask it to leave if it doesn’t do a banishing ritual

Psychics have told me it wants to possess me. So is there a possibility the thing tried to possess me?

Possible but you won’t know for sure

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I don’t think so. I think you are describing an astral vampire [parasite]. The best way to get rid of this entity is to stop fearing possession.

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Same thing happens to me more often then I like. Few times they got me full possession. Were you doing any practice before you slept? In my case, I was. I cut out the very intense ones. Try a banishing spell. Works for me. Don’t show fear they feed of it.

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this same thing happened to me. and its happened twice while I was sleeping on my back. once it felt like it went into me because soon as I woke up it felt like it left my chest. just sprung out as soon as I woke up. during this time I was not into black magick at all and knew little about it. I don’t fear them because I know that if im not more powerfull then I will be soon

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I can feel the demon in my body right now!

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I think I meditated before I went to sleep, Also I can feel it moving around in my body. I don’t think it fully went in my body. But I can definitely feel it in my body.

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theres gotta be a way to get rid of that parasite. to starve it ,poison it or kick iit out.

forgot to mention that there was one time I forgot about where I was withdrawling hard from suboxone and when I woke up in a terrible withdrawl I got this image in my mind out of nowhere that a little parasitic devilish gargylish thing left my body and I got a strange feeling that something just sprung out of my body, it was pretty shocking and woke me up but it was also relieving,but that morning even though in nasty withdrawl I had hope for the first time in like 4 years because I discovered kratom. a far lesser evil. prior to that I had no energy inspiration motivation humor personality for many ears prior. was it due not onl to long-term subxone use but a parasite with in me. I was a fearfull negative individual during that long-term subxoxone use.

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Here’s what a buddy of mine said There’s implicit permission that’s sort of a loophole these guys use, which essentially means a part of your spiritual body isn’t being inhabited. So because you have a vacancy, they can move in.

He said my vacancy can be filled with the void and that will make it harder to possess me fully

Yep I gotta learn how to fill my vacancy with the void