Spirit voices

Hi everyone

I am still new regarding spirits-to hive background… I have been doing these things for 6 months. I have a boveda, I communicate daily with spirit guide via tarot and pendulums, and petition and give offerings to la Santa muerte.

I am still learning where I belong but I lean more towards wanting to learn/work with espiritismo.

The readings via tarot as well as communication via pendulum and my spirit doll has always been accurate. I have seen signs, had dreams but haven’t audibly heard a voices. Even though I was fearful of that I am open to it. My question is if I don’t hear voices of the spirits is there a way I can begin too? What are your experiences? Is audible voices necessary in your opinion ?

Thank you and Ashe :crystal_ball::candle::zap:️:skull:

Most of the time you will hear them in your own head, in your own voice. But the message will be something you couldn’t have possibly known, or phrased in a manner you wouldn’t use. I mostly get song lyrics, ideas, and single words just popping into my head. Transferring pictures and emotions is also possible. As is physical touch for communication based on how strong you are in that area. I’ve only heard voices outside of my head a dozen or so times in my life. But I have heard a low hissing like voice drift up from the back of my head when a spirit was upset with me. A very drawn out serpenty Noooo. And occasionally a male voice with a British accent when I’m mostly asleep. I still have no idea who it is.