Spirit to help work with the chakras

Hi. I’m Bragi,male, 21 years old and I’m starting on the left path, new here and I would like an appointment.

Could someone endorse an entity / spirit / or a being that could guide / teach me to know and work magically with my own body, especially with chakras?

Could you be so kind as to introduce yourself in the introduce yourself thread

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Almost any spirit can help open chakras, but as far as I know, none specialize in it, as not every magician uses the chakra model in their work. Pretty much, the more you do spirit work, like evocation, the more they open and the more energy flows through them.

i am told by one of our most knowledgeable members @succupedia that sexual spirits like succubi are very very good at working with the magician’s chakra and etheric body.


each chakra has a deity that corresponds to it. Invoke each god and you will feel a power and union between your psychic centers.


Like @Serpent said, there’s deities representing each chakras, but there’s also deities and spirits representing several chakras, depending on what kind of correspondence they need when interacting with us.

The succubus depends on the Crown-, Heart- and the Root chakra in correspondence to our abilities to feel them on a physical and an emotional level. But as the sexual beings they are, they also depends on the Sacral chakra in correspondence to the lust current. We also have the Throat chakra for communication, Solar Plexus chakra for wisdom, and the Ajna chakra for awareness. A knowledgeable succubus can assist in opening all of our chakras.

There’s several ways to open our chakras. We can do it on our own, or through spirits opening them for us.


@succupedia Indeed, It’s been a while since I’ve been studying to establish a personal cult for Lilith, but I still have doubts about how to start this, so that I can learn more directly from her, what exactly could be called a “first step” in for that.

Work on your astral senses so you can receive their teachings. Spirits are great for boosting, but in most cases they aren’t going to do things for you. They are going to expect you to work your tail off in return, to prove that it’s something you really want. Evocation helps like has been stated, or reaching out and forming a bond. Read all that you can on them, talk to them as if they are already there. If there’s an interest, they will come. The spirit I work with most came to me this way.