Spirit to help become super smart?

Hi guys, I’m attempting a lot of study over the next few months, including a masters program. Could you please share with me any experiences you have with a particular entity that aides in super learning and nailing exams.

Basically, I’d like to reduce the study time dramatically and sky rocket my results.

Thank you!


I asked Lucifer, who is a knowledge and wisdom entity, to help me with my math class and “college success” class. You can also ask Thoth, Athena, Isis, Ganesh, Odin, Apollo and Omoikane. There’s also some demons but I don’t have my Goetia on me right now, the few I’d recommend from what I can remember are Marbas for knowledge of a technical nature (such as systems and math, as well as biology and health) and Vapula or Dantalion for science in general.


Also, it’s a good idea to “show that you want to make it happen”. Do homework daily and make just as much an effort in your studies as in the magic. Spirits don’t want to give help to lazy people or those who do rituals all day. I came to Lucifer for help after two weeks of my math course started to prove to be a struggle.


I’m trying to figure out the same thing

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Glasya labolas (all arts and sciences) and adderall


Give king Paimon a try he teaches arts and sciences as well.