Spirit to ease bad karma, remove curses and obstacles, and so on

Hello guys.

That’s it, I’m getting too many signs that it’s time for me to work on removing all curses, astral parasites, obstacles and bad karma influence from my life.
I was suspecting something and/or someone bound me since my childhood and I’m getting confirmation lately.

I’m looking for a spirit that is good with identifying curses I’m not aware of. I want overall to remove bad luck and obstacles.

Any idea or experience with such spirit ?


God Ganapati i.e. Ganesha is said to be remover of the obstacles. Evoke him and ask. He does not have a sigil, you could use his image or use his beej mantra as sigil :wink:

Not sure about anything else. But you could try saturn for rest of it - Aratron or Shanidev.


Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance from EA’s Kingdoms of Flame.

“Opfaal will deliver the magician from any curse or spiritual bondage. He can free the mind from any fears or plagues, and can release the individual from addictions. It is in his power to lift any enchantment that may be working on any person and to restore one’s spiritual health.”


I used to meditate with his mantra in fact. Never tried to evoke him. That’s interesting, thanks for suggesting me that perspective.


Thank you! That’s perfect. I will look for his sigil. If you have it I’ll appreciate if you could post it, thanks :slight_smile:


How can I summon him?

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Would his sigil need a circle around it, or just the sigil by itself?

Also can I do a petition spell or would you recommend to stick with opening his sigil and communicating with him directly that way?

it’s fine to use the sigil without a circle around it.

You can do a petition if you prefer it over opening a sigil. If you are needing to break a curse however, I would go with opening the sigil as it is quicker.

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I know it’s open when I start to see the sigil flash and sorta move–or is then when it’s STARTING to open? I’ve looked up on this through the guide and threads on here but just want to clarify.

Tried it and saw the sigil sorta flash (like a white glow) and maybe move or animate a SMALL amount. Although Sigils always or things in general have a white glow outline to me, although this one seemed to glow/flash more while trying to open it.

Yrs, that generally means it is open.

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Okay cool, mentions he can also release spiritual bondage (which is more so my needs), would that include attachments as well as the binding mentioned? Not from another physical person but from a spiritual being/entity.

I believe so, yes.



Do I need to offer him something. If so what can be offered :slight_smile:

I feel I need to do this. Been feeling stuck in life in several areas and I know that I have had people praying for me and I have had a Ex tell me multiple times she has cursed me.

What kind of Angel is this I can’t find any other info on that Angel. And I’m not Familiar with E.A. Koetting’s process for contacting. Can this be done without a full ceremonial process as I’m used to Pathworking or chanting?


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Opfaal, Angel of deliverance from E.A’s Kingdom of flames.