Spirit that will set a fire

I need to know what spirit will set something on fire

Haures too he’ll light a fire, I agree with what @sanaRo had said above too.


If you just want something set on fire just make your own spirit drawing from a paradigm that includes the element of fire in its structure and form it from that idea until it manifests. Its only purpose is to be an embodiment of that element and to purge and purify the world by burning it from existence. Then you just point it in the direction and watch what happens. Inevitably such a creation will probably burn itself out but will probably result in some form of fire or manifestation of the fire’s mental and energetic attributes occurring.

Seems kinda chaotic and also unsafe maybe depending on what kind of experience OP has?

I’d consider and sun deities and any associated with Baneful work along with the ones listed above.

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Thanks for all the help guys

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