Spirit that can bring people back in your life?

As the title says, is there a spirit who specializes in bringing people who are gone(as in left to some place new) back in your life? This one guy who had a pretty daughter used to go to my congregation but he left to go to some place closer. Is there any spirit who works in brining people back like that?


Try summoning Agares.

But if I may ask, why don’t you go to them instead of wishing them to come back?


Yes Agares specializes in this and Amon can do it too.


Read topics such. Bring some back or bind them. Tru is sports who can do that,the question be like for friends can do a contact me ,call me. Or for love ,or return a lover I suppose you are male,so Asmodeus,paymon.lilith Aphrodite etc you adapt the spell and forget for 3 weeks,

Its a church setting and I cant even drive. Plus i wouldnt wanna look weird if i did end up where they go now

Law of Assumption would be enough for this. But Agares if you definitely need a spirit.

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