Spirit teacher

So, Belial came up to me in class and started hounding me to get my work done. I took a break and asked why and he said that i’m not like other magicians. He said he likes my goals, aspirations, and personality. My heart is centered in helping others, whether it be emotionally, spiritually, physically, and everything else. So, he wants to help me achieve these goals. My only issue is that he seems really aggressive when it comes to keeping me on task and teaching. Should I work with him in this way? Not magickally or anything, like a human teacher and human student. Advises?

It might just be tough love :wink:
If a daemon has recognised the credibility and sincerity in your heart and actions—they’ll work for and with you quite vigorously. We all emit certain energetic signatures in the aether and when direct contact is made it shines like a beacon of light and certain beings will see that light for what it is.

In this case, your teacher likes you for who you are. His advice, guidance and directory will has been set in place for you to learn with reason. Be respectful, do your parents proud and always look after your loved ones throughout your path working/findings.

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Right. vine has told me the same thing after belial. I just have no idea why the kings of the goetia have chosen me to work with? They don’t even speak how others told me they would, they speak like a good friend and bro, even though I don’t feel I have anything admirable…

Because your heart is centred on helping others. Some people dabble in art forms only for themselves. Figure out what he’d like from you, and what you’d like from him. Always be respectful, the communication context should be that talking with a CEO than a friend— this way it’s kept professional.

If ever asked ‘why’, the only true answer is that you ‘wanted their help’. Anything else is a lie. Don’t lose yourself in the process, life can get to people— and it can change them for the worse, never lose your person centered heart, the world needs more of that…

That makes sense. That’s what they both told me. Vine told me that on the extreme end people kill others magically just they don’t like the other person.

Yes, many people approach the art form with malicious intent. They are your psychic bullies; and are quite prolific with their intimidation and scare tactics, which I obliquely had described in my introduction.

A black magician has the capacity to source energy from areas out of bounds to the average layman, it is then a challenge for the magician to handle a healthy dose of knowledge and experience without lapsing into the extremities of magick; for this is quite literally the quickest way to lose yourself. Being mentally incapacitated is being alive but not actually living.

Be careful what you wish for, and don’t take up a deal you can’t accomplish and try not to siphon energy from good people. Let them have their own cultivation at peace.