Spirit Signs & Omens for newbies

Sometimes when I’m listening to music for the sake of having background noise, there will be certain lyrics that get my attention, especially when I haven’t been paying attention to the song.


Has it remained in your head all the time after that?

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It happens to me with numbers, above all 44,66,616 and sometimes 11

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I know about that eleven could be related to the Qliphoth for sure but take it with a grain of salt, I believe entities can also correspond with numbers as well this is something I am not to sure of though.

This morning when I woke up I had MC hammers can’t touch this stuck in my head

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Awesome list, man! :+1:

I’d also suggest that people keep a written record of the signs and omens that pop up in their life and the events that follow them, as this can help identify recurring symbols that are specific to them. Just like using a dream journal can shed light on the architectural pattern of one’s subconscious, an ‘omen journal’ can assist in exposing deeper patterns woven into the tapestry of waking life. I go into this in more detail as well as some other techniques for increasing awareness of synchronicity and omens in my post here.


For a little bit.

Well I would say that it likely counts. I guess my tip would be take a look at the lyrics themselves , do they relate to you current situation ,or can the lyric be looked at from a different angle and therefore be interpreted in a way which wasn’t seen before?

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Hey there @Nyxifer . Your post was also really useful in general but the exercise was especially useful info to know about. I intend to try it. I wish I would’ve had access to that info and exercise when I started out. I use other meditations that have a very similar effect. But I’ll try it and see if it’ll improve my overall abillity in regsitering omens. It can’t hurt. ^^

Many thanks for your kind words by the way. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, let me know how it goes! And feel free to share the other meditations you use if ya can, I’m always game for learning new techniques. :smiley:

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Will try and do that and see if you can make any use of them, most of what i know I have recieved from multiple sources with a few exceptions that was given to be by a few of the spirits I work with. ^^


Repeated numbers = Check!

Words, names & sentences = Check!

Feeling a magnetic pull = Check!

Bits of information = Check!

Animals behave in odd ways = Check!

Poltergeist activity = Past experience. Banished.

Music = Check!

Pieces of art = Check!

People = Check!

Drawing = Rare.

Inspiration = Check!

Dread & Anxiety for no reason = I get it as a warning for planned situations.

Irregular sleep = Rare.

Drawn to you temple = Check!

Dreams = Check!

Weather = Yeah, it is >sometimes< like my mood. I have to be careful.

Candle bobbing up and down, spraks & flashes = Check!

Clock stop = Never.

@Teras390 thanks. Great job.


How long has this been going on?

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2 months. Actually it was always there but I started to realize it 2 months ago. I was awake. But it’s like a new level. This is not the only thing, the spirits/gods/angels/demons come without a ritual. They just come when I think about them. I also stopped doing low magick. I just ask for what I wish.

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I’ve also had most of these.


Then I guess you have had or spirit is currently trying to make contact, or it is a sign from your higher self. Do you have a matron or patron spirit, or have you started a relationship with a spirit/spirits?

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Well then see what they want with you. Eventually you’ll want to build a relationship that both fulfill your wishes and help them as well, unless you are already doing that.

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They want me to help … I do it in their name …


I’m married to one and I have an astral child.



A few more of these I’ve found out about since the OP were published includes:

Malfunctions, glitches or interruptions in electronics and devices: like for example weird interruptions in a phone call in a specific place where you’ve never had a problem with it before. Calls get choppy for no reason or recordings seem to mess up at certain points when listening back? Also devices or gadgets starting going on and off by themselves, this could also be a sign of a hacker or someone wanting to mess with you. However If hackers and assholes are ruled out. This could potentially be spirits trying to communicate-or wanting to communicate with you.

Animals are behaving weird: a cat will suddenly freeze and gaze into a corner of the room very intently and even hissing, a dog might whine or growl. OR after performing a ritual or workings a cat my suddenly become very cuddly and warm to you despite not being like that normally? Perhaps it’s a sign a spirit is using the animal to let you know they appreciated efforts. However when using smells like oils and fragrances and such cats can react pretty weirdly to that, so be aware of that before attributing the cats behavior to anything spiritual.

Repeated consequences or intense strokes of good-and bad luck: I am not saying that the number three is the be-all-end-all sacred number. Things like this includes winning the lottery three times in a row or the jackpot on the first try even more so if it keeps happening, a grade you should never have received but did anyway, or you guess an invisible sequence of numbers, or extreme strokes of bad luck happens to you that won’t go away. For example you keep breaking your leg more than one time without actively trying to test your luck. For example breaking your leg more than one time as soon as you’ve cleared rehab if this keeps happening every time or you have really extremely rare or weird medical conditions despite being healthy previously, then you are officially being cursed or you’ve really pissed your spirit friends off royally I might add. Here’s a very good rule of thumb based on personal experience and also to paraphrase from a post by @DarkestKnight ;

First time is luck. Second time is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.

At least when something keeps happening more than three times you should start to wonder if somethings up. Only exception to this would be a an absolute miracle.

Things fall and create a visible image or pattern: when something falls to the floor say a jar containing salt, if a clear pattern or image emerges this could be a coincidence or an answer to a question which previous eluded you. This could happen very randomly or at anytime however if the image is specific to the question or shows something you need to know, couples with a gut feeling of this is it! Then it might indeed be a message for you.

This one though is bordering on being delusional, and extra care should be taken when interpreting this particular omen.

I never said this before but I’ll say it now. When interpreting omens and signs in case it isn’t obvious, always try to rule out the obvious things first like: fans, the wind, poorly positioned objects or idols that ended up falling. Use common sense first before attributing something to a spiritual occurance or message of any kind. This will help rule out if it’s indeed a spirit or not. One more thing always use your intuition as it will just about always guide in the right directions but be wary to separate your intuition from your ego.

Good luck in your ascent and I’ll update if I find more signs and omens to write about.

All of the best

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