Spirit sigil meditation?

long story short, I summoned lilith to help me see and hear spirits and also help my senses overall so I can communicate with deities better. She agreed and I asked her what I needed to do and she heavily suggested meditating on her sigil.

Is this common? I have not seen hardly anyone talk about this concept. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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this is totally common. i’ve seen lots of people do it and it’s helped them majorly. if she strongly recommends it, listen to her . she wouldn’t tell you to do it if she didn’t feel the need to . sigil meditation is veryy beneficial . it gives you new insight and she’d kinda be teaching you through it. you’d feel the energy from the sigil and that energy will go towards what you needed. do it :slight_smile:

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interesting. Thank you.


of courseee

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I hate to bother you but maybe you have some insight? @anon48079295 if you’re busy, no need to reply.

It’s common because then you’ll have to use your senses to feel, hear, smell, see, etc the energy the sigil is giving off. It’s a form of practice.

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Ok I gotcha. She seemed adamant on this due to rolling all evens in my dice divination. I have never done that normally.