Spirit Photography - Belial

Ok, quick backstory, intention of opening gates with Belial, I do an evocation, I do communicate all good. Whats interesting - Im not sure what the thought process was, but I was using the light on my phone to look around the room to see the presence. I didnt see much (another topic) BUT - some days later I was in my photos and I saw a series of burst photos i never took (knowingly?) either way I completely don’t remember taking these. So i was pretty excited when i looked through. All i have done is crop the photos to better fit the spirit i saw and i adjusted the whole photo color parameters to bring out the clarity. I can post the originals as i referenced them in the process to maintain aspect. Belial follows.

Cannot say this one below, not belial, you know them. just wont talk about this working below.

Oh and tell me your thoughts!


too blurry

Fresh pic in the truck.
Spirit of vaultboy. :wink:

I’m not making fun of you OP, just there’s nothing to be seen in those pictures. Except the last one which is clearly you, or whoever took the pictures initially.



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Lock this thread for trollinnnggggg

Please :slight_smile:
Okay lets be honest, this is a massive troll.

Uhh no clarity

I see a face with 3 horns made of metal
Face of bone and big pitch black eyes

Kinda looks like