Spirit or Spells

We all have goals. For example, one may want love/sex. Should the individual use a spell to achieve this or ask a spirit for help to achieve the goal. Spirit or Spells? :slight_smile: Thank You


It’s individual preference.

If you like to depend on your own personal power, spells using intention and energy will be preferred.

If you like to work with spirits, then you are more likely to call upon one to fulfil your goal.

Sometimes, the choice will depend on how you feel at a particular time (if you are tired, for example, you may find calling upon a spirit for a task to be easier than using your own energy and will) and sometimes you just might have a natural affinity for one method over another (if you’ve been interacting with spirits for years, it will most likely be your go to method).

Another reason to choose is challenging yourself. If you always use one particular method, like evocation, you might decide to use a spell with energy and intention instead simply to get out of your usual routine.


Lol I am starting to feel uncomfortable asking questions. You help out so much :sweat_smile:


Don’t! Serious questions that can’t easily be answered by using the search feature are always welcome!


Whichever you’re better at. Unless you’re lucky enough to be born under patronage of a powerful spirit who makes themselves known to you and helps you out on the reg, or else maybe with an innate ability to invoke and a good deal of charm, this is usually going to be spellcasting, which most forms of spirit work involve to some degree anyway and which get results without the risk of another, often coerced entity throwing a wrench into the result.

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Personally I don’t use either atleast in the sense of need, I befriend entities because that’s my personal desire, I don’t use spells because I see no real reason for me personally to. However, I do tend to do direct energy work and direct ritual work, by that I mean I don’t call on entities, the four corners etc. I don’t require tools besides my will and intention to do my rituals and energy work.