Spirit or Being to help me find good Marijuana and one to help with physical strength?

Who can I try to contact to help me weed out the right dealers for weed, and find good fresh healthy marjuana (weed)?

And who can I try to contact to help me with physical strength?


For Weed Shiva and for strengh really choose a deity you vibe with.

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Shiva…makes sense yes thanks, though I would have assumed hed rather keep you away from weed and making you focus on achieving higher consciousness, even though he is the one who brought weed according to mythos

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He and Dee Baba have a love for weed. Some make a drink with it during Shivarathri if I can remember correctly.

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i forgot what they call weed in india, Bhat?

How about Evoking marijuana? Like how people evoke the spirit of earth, Gaia? Just get things that symbolize, correlate with marijuana and evoke or invoke, then ask?

Or you could make a sigil to attract what you want.

If you want to smoke you should grow :slight_smile: nurture the plant, create a relationship and the experience of smoking will actually be rewarding.


Azazel. He helped me find drugs before. He does seem to enjoy cannabis but only occasionally. He also helped me one night to deal drugs. It was great. Something like out of a movie. How he possessed me and showed me how it’s done.


MAYBE foras

for weed i mean/

The internet.

Ares, Thor, Belial, Samael, to name just a few.

to name a few for strength off the top of my head that haven’t been mentioned yet, Asmodeus Moloch Trezrian or any war spirit

iblis can help with fitness, he made me gain weight and i got muscles thanks to him