Spirit of Fame / Fama, The Fame Goddess

I know that some of us are musicians, actors, writers, and looking into the work of BTS, that K-Pop band, I am starting to realize that yes, there must be a Spirit of Fame.

I’m always amazed when any music video on YouTube or VEVO is viewed over 100 million times, and in some cases, videoclips are viewed over a billion times!

PHEME (also known as OSSA) was the goddess or personified spirit ( daimona ) of rumour, report and gossip. She was also by extension the spirit of fame and good repute in a positive sense and infamy and scandal in the bad.

Her Roman name was Fama.

_Read more: http://www.theoi.com/Daimon/Pheme.html_

The word “fame” does come from Fama, the name of that Roman Goddess.


Now that we’ve got that information, let us tap into that energy of fame, wealth and success! :sunglasses:
And that’s also what Become A Living God is about!


Well hey, this will definitely come in handy. Pheme, Fama, Ossa, the daimona of fame and good repute.

I will definitely call on her for some people i know. We’ll see where it leads.


Did you notice any results yet?

Hello. May I ask if you called her and if you had any results?

lol I love how this post creator just completely forgot about BALG and never posted their results

Yeah I just read the whole thread and was starting to get excited… bummer.


You guys, you should take that as a sign of success. When you get Famous, responsibilities pop up you did not have before. You will forget about a thread you started. Happens all the time.

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