Spirit of a dark ninja, shadow ninja clan?

So guys anyone here working with dead ninjas? maybe can you help with a sigil, name of a dark ninja, the spirit of a ninja master who after death has chosen the nightside, the shades and the shadows. Even maybe a ninja killer clan who has got sluttered but don’t forget to provide the name of his leader…

The ninja magic is basically working with the 4 elements and the 5th the void, which is nothing and everything.

Basically ninja magic is compatible with the Dark Arts. It’s perfect for shadow work.


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You do know there is no such thing as a “dark ninja,” right?

The use of the word shadow refers to their preference for hiding, and striking at night. It has nothing at all to do with the “nightside” or whatever role playing stuff you are trying to connect them with.

Their spirituality had more to do with becoming one with the universe than any sort of LHP fantasy of darkness.


Ninjas were Killers in the past and spies. Is no role playing is history. The ninja magic is named kuj in

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That wasn’t really “ninja magick” atleast not in the same sense you’re using it. Kuji-in were a series of mantras and mundras. Ninjas were nothing more than mercenaries during feudal japan. Many of them practiced Kuji-kiri, but it’s not considered “magick” or “magic” it was not considered such either.


There is a lot of fiction and misinformation is spread about the ninja because of the secrecy surrounding them. Most of what has been written about them was made up by their enemies and then embellished for entertainment purposes.

Sure, the ninja were killers. So were the samurai. It was feudal Japan, after all, where everybody wanted to cut out a bigger piece of the pie for themselves.

The historical ninja practiced Buddhism, and Taoism imported from China, along with the native Shinto religion. As far as their magick is concerned, it is most akin to Taoist sorcery, than anything else, and was concerned mainly with controlling the weather, and ensuring they came home from a mission safely.


Kuji in has mudras, mantras and other meditations and stuff which are very useful. Lots of the old techniques are lost or were destroyed

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How do you know? Some probably were lost or destroyed, but Masaaki Hatsumi, the 36th grandmaster of nine ninjitsu schools, inherited several ancient manuscripts that were passed to him by his teacher. No one knows what they contain but he and his successor. After all, secrecy is prized by the ninja.


No details

Anyways this is the necromancy category. If anyone has a name of a dead ninja killer, or a slaughtered ninja clan - > private message

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There is a book that Steven K Hayes wrote back in the 80s, I believe, and it’s probably out of print, I think the title was the spiritual art of ninja, it had a great explanation and practical examples of using the five taoist elements (wood fire earth metal n water) as applied to ninpo arts. In particular how elements overcome or potentiate other elements and how these elements apply to certain situations that may arise and how to use the elements to manipulate nature to one’s advantage…

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This might be off topic but what do you think about the character Ra’s al Ghul in the Batman Begins movie trilogy?

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