Spirit mate/wife

So. I called on legba and asked if would be appropriate to have a demon wife. I heard in a windy whisper a stern NO. however this leads me to a question of can i have a spirit wife that would be given to me from legba? Does anyone know of whom i would ask this request?

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Mami Wata.
If you’re young and not for a final deal.

If you actually seek marriage,
ask Granne Eruzile to guide you.

I was guided very intensely by Papa Agwe and His Wife Eruzile Fredá.
I believed it to be a hoax being played upon me,
yet, they still guide me and just this morning i unwrapped a binding spell i had put onto myself while being ridden.



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Okay so I know that confidentially is part of having a spirit wive or succubus relationship but I have some questions regarding consistency. For those of you who have long-term relationships, does their appearence change often? Or their aura?.. One hurdle ive encountered is I had a couple very notable experiences and ask her name she said it and i made a point not to forget it, I went to work and had a long day, upon reflection I found myself unsure if i had remembered it clearly. So the next time I got a chance i asked her name and this time it was completely different. Im just a little confused and if anyone has any advice or experiences to share id really love to hear them. Im not asking for thier names or anything.