Spirit in my dream this afternoon

I saw a spirit in my dream and I need to know who it was… I took a nap after reading tarot for my mother this afternoon. I’ll describe the spirit before I get into the circumstances.

The dream was here in my apartment. I was reading tarot at the table in my living room exactly how I had an hour before. I walked into the kitchen, turned around, and saw someone else at the table. He had shoulder length, wavy white hair and a young average face with deep lines. He came toward me in the kitchen, then tried to mesh with me. His energy was white and hot. Because I did not ask for it, I attempted to blind the spirits energy with my own light to banish it. I seemed to only be able to match the spirits energy but im not sure if I overcame it. In my dream, I felt a homeostasis and could go about doing things in my dream. I made a sandwich and started a conversation with my mother. Then I was woken from my dream by my kid who seriously lacks boundaries lol.

My mom is plagued by borderline personality disorder but fights it better than most. I explained to her that my deck reads the depth of our soul and psyche well, but does not explain actions and timeliness well. That being said the reading was a simple “what is great about you”. It went well until she demanded a reading about what to expect in the next 6 months. I again said that I don’t have a deck that will give her definitive answers for that.

This was the trigger. The reading ended abruptly and the energy in the room became horribly defiant. (She too is a witch but refuses to practice) The situation spiraled to your traditional borderline episode where blame and self hate are thrown around to fulfill self validation in negative feelings (at least thats how those without the disorder see it. People with it seem to experience it differently as if their ego is opposite of the self and is overtaking the human, as if being attacked by something).

This is when I crawled in bed and went to sleep because I wasnt able to be the supportive person she needed. I have my own faults and ego blocks. This is when I dreamt.