Spirit Identification?

So, how do you know with certainty that the spirit you are interacting with is who you’ve called for? Especially when you aren’t already acquainted and have established a relationship with the spirit in question, and can recognize them for their unique energy. I can see this as being potentially problematic and might waste valuable time, energy and lead you in circles, playing games.

I’ve read/heard about how if they say their name when asked to identify themselves that makes the contact credible – but why is that exactly? Could any other spirit not speak the name to you that you want to hear? What keeps them from doing so?

Another thing that I was told is that they will give you their signature. How is this done? Do you offer them a piece of paper and a pen? lol. Seriously though, do they sign it in your inner vision, or even more interestingly, use your own hand and pen to sign the page through partial possession? Again, can any other spirit not sign a forgery?

I can only sense spirit for the most part right now. I can feel the change in atmosphere, hear little noises in the room, feel pockets of cold and heat, and feel pressure on parts of my body like being touched. I have seen the demon Parion in my third eye and conversed briefly with him using words rather than just straight intuition – but never again have I attained such clear and unambiguous spiritual interaction. Still, was it credible? I never asked for him to identify himself for confirmation and I took it at face value, and continue to do so with each entity I call forth for lack of identification methods available at my skill level.

Are there other ways of doing this? What do you guys do in your evocations? Or do you even bother to?

Quick note: I always preform LBRP before my workings to keep things as clear as possible. So… There’s that at least.


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I have a similar problem, the only contact i had with the entity i was trying to communicate with was the presence pacing around me and the first couple of times kind of prodding and scratching (for want of a better word) at me without identifying itself even when asked to, the only visuals i have had have been shadowy and vague and not enough to really go on other than “something there, can’t tell what”. In my case i was trying to contact Lucifer since he seemed to be the best go-to guy for what i was after.

If you get what you ask for, either reality changes or information, that’s a good indication that they are who they say they are.

Other than that I think it comes down to experience, as you become familiar with the same spirits over time.

Also depending on the paradigm or tradition of the spirit in question there may be methods of testing or questioning. Those can be researched.

Many spirits are deceptive and will not give a name or answer, without giving you a name or specific vision or sign you really don’t know what you summoned.

However, if you are casting for a specific purpose you can ask for signs if your requests will be acceded to and will be carried out. If you gain success with your casting it may not matter which spirit had carried it out.

Classic magick gives identification methods: for example in the Lemegeton, although employing a religious basis.
Using sigils and/or enns may prevent imposter cases; also, in some of my posts I talked about secret names of Spirits and their alternate sigils called “spatial structures”, both obtained with four repetitions of the alphabet disposed over the multiplication table. The Italian author elaborating these methods explains that the entity will necessarily come and carry out the task if the name and structure are used.

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