Spirit-Human Sex?

So for a while now, I’ve been interested in trying physical sex. As in with a flesh and blood body. I don’t really want a romantic relationship at this time. But I also really like having sex with spirits (Asmodeus being my most frequent). Then I got an idea: why not have a human willingly let themselves be possessed by a spirit and have the best of both worlds?

Keyword being “willing”. I don’t do non-consensual.

The problem is finding someone who not only is willing, but also fits my… preferences.

How would I go about this? Just seduce a guy I find attractive, then tell him about the possession? Is there a spell for this sort of thing?

What do?


Ask Asmodeus to bring someone appropriate to you.


Maybe if you talked with someone online first it would be less weird, then you could meet them first in a public place.


Look for a succubus or an incubus. There are many spells that attract them, they will likely be gladly to feed off you. You don’t exactly need a deity to find someone. There are loads of spirits other than those species like sirens, water nymphs and other sexual creatures that do it consensually. You are not strapped for choices.


My incubus is too cute.


I second the good Knights suggestion. Asmodeus could find someone he vibes with that could be willing to experiment like this. Then, since you have a thing for Asmodeus, you have a human with some similarities and “the best of both worlds”.


That’s actually a great idea. I wonder why I didn’t think of it before. Thank you!


hello dear, can you share with me how is possible to reach that level the interaction with an entity? i am newbie in this world… do you have purchased any online curse about evocation or magick? thanks in advance.

ps: sorry by my english, i speak spanish.

Welcome to the wonderful world of magick and other cosmic shenanigans!

Same as humans. Form a connection and build on it.

That would depend on the spirit you want to form a relationship with.


You can posses me if you want

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Thank you so much by take time for answer me. I go try… wish me good luck. :slight_smile:

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Hello guys! So I am in the same situation but I already found a guy who is willing to let himself getting posessed by my entity.
My question is, what would be a good ritual to get him posessed (he is not adept in this context so proper meditation etc. is out of question for him)
I thought about drawing the sigil onto his chest while he is lying in a circle or something like that… does anyone have experiences or advices on how to do this ritual?

The person has to be able to get to you in your area and flying or driving across country/world probably isn’t a great choice. Finding someone willing probably isn’t that hard but logistics is.

There’s trust too. Some people only sex up spirits as they don’t trust others to be truthful about their sexual health. STDs would be horrible.

Next is it homosexual, heterosexual, age restrictions, vices, appearance, physic, etc.

I’ve toyed with the idea myself but I think it probably works best between a human couple that are both highly into possession/invocation already.

Best of luck.