Spirit Guides

Spirit guides…whether entities that have taken an interest or aspects of one’s own subconscious or dead relatives or so forth and so on…they can be useful and, at the very least, entertaining.

My first spirit guide, who appeared at the tender age of 15, was a demon who identified itself as “Grendel”, no doubt named after my favorite comic book at the time. Oddly, the story arc in the comic started to mimic what I was experiencing with my own Grendel rather than the other way around.
He was no doubt a nefarious force but I will admit that he did a lot for me. He shed light on aspects of myself and my path, long before I knew what the hell to do with that information.

For the bulk of my life, I haven’t had any guides. Or at least none that made themselves well-known. More recently, I tried to connect with my guides only because my notes after several evocations had stated “work with your spirit guides”.
Two came up. One looked like an ostrich and her name was Etta. “Etta”, it turns out, means “Little one”. The only significance I could find regarding the ostrich form was Ma’at and her feather.
The other was “Bindle Bindlestiff”. Which is…well, that is the term for the stick-and-bag that hobos carry. Lol. Yeah, no clue…but you know what? Spirit guides are fuckin weird!

I’d love to hear others’ experiences.


Baggage is the common element

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I’ve had the same happen where a comic began to eerily describe things that were going on with me spiritually.
Personally I’ve never understood the concept of spirit guides. But perhaps because I’ve only ever heard the RHP explanation of them. That they were beings that were there for the sole purpose to help you progress. That just never made sense to me. Why would there be a spirit with its own free will. Own mind. Own soul. That would just completely dedicate themselves to helping me?? I didn’t ask for their help. Makes me think a little bit. But that’s just me.


I’ve recently been thinking about the same thing. Even if you made a contract before incarnation, to me at least it still feels like it’s up to you to reach out. Although all time happening right now is hard for my monkey brain to process, I’ve started noticing that hints have been dropping all my life. And someone/someones were working their ass off to keep me safe and headed down this path. When exactly it started, I cannot say. Were they there because sometime in the future we are closely working together? Or am I here now because they’ve always been there? I have a huge list of questions to ask once communication gets better.


I have a buddy who’s spirit guide is Jim Morrison.

…and apparently I’m my own spirit guide…huh, not speak negatively of myself, but why do I feel kinda gyped?


Levilevi, there are at least 4 known now, and one that is even a catholic priest, hehe, he is the one who take care over my entire family, that is what i know about him!^^
This is so fun knowing i am into demons, but the guy is really open minded, and don’t care about that!^^

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I think it just takes a certain type of being to volunteer as a guide. There are people whose profession are teachers but really hate kids and their jobs. If you are wondering why your guides appeared in your life think of a teacher that sees potential in a student. Stays after school to help them with their homework when they could be on their way home to their own family. It’s like that.


In the Afro-Caribbean traditions, spirits are passed down through the family line and not always the spirits of the ancestors. I’ve heard of Hispanic Cuban Santeria families working with the spirits of black slaves and there existing a lot of love between the spirit and members of the family.