Spirit Guide in the Empty Chair exercise

I have been following the instruction to place an empty chair across from oneself and begin conversing with the spirit guide who appeared earlier

I happen to recognize this guide from dreams as well as practice

so I thought I would ask the name of the guide

to my surprise the name sounds like a very high ranking Demon Nether
and one which I had no intention of evoking at this stage

the name is not exactly the same
so perhaps it is my imagination, rather than my Living Imagination

But is it possible that such a high ranking Nether would be my Spirit Guide?

another possibility is that a spirit is deceiving me

however, to get this to work I must trust my impressions and build experience

any thoughts from any more experienced sorcerers in the area of divination who have worked with this exercise

description of the guide
tall, in pitch black cloak and robe, face not visible but with a pale white glow, with some faint blue, the vaguest shadow of eyes

hold his hand out stretched to present scenes or signs

I find doing that exercise (calling into the enviro to sit in the concrete “empty chair”), and alternating it with the ‘prior’ exercise (what EA calls after-life hypnos… ie go “there” to meet)- such that you get a different feel for the Entity that sat in the concrete/physical-chair…
then in the “dream-vision” you go to the “imagination-chair” and seek to feel that same feeling in that other place (with the slight change in the feeling of you) That seems to bring a slightly different contact- (then bring that contact-sense in a later step- invite into the “empty chair”… thus that new refined-enhanced feel from the vision- into your physical enviro overlay)

I’m not sure if that will add, but I find just a couple of times- each one tunes-in stronger (both amps the signal, as well as sort of gets on more of the same wavelength… once it even changed visually quite a bit from first “visual” of Entity met… but it still “Felt” like that same- but even more so

(if that makes sense, I use quotes around above words to emphasize that’s not quite the right words, and not meant in the usual meaning)

[this can result in sudden sight-seeing in that other visual field that is kind of on-top of the eyes field (ie what is regularly seen seems in almost the same place, but it like another picture is being seen with like each eye- so appears overlaying)… in other words- you’ll just seem to see a face or even a scene, and yet you are “also” seeing what you’re eyes look at… and also can be “imagining” something- thus its a “third” function
That of Dreams (either sleeping, or “day-dream” distracted and suddenly- woah… like waking up to a cat or dog staring you in the face (maybe even a nose bump)

anyway- it seems there are have been some comments on forum (and elsewhere) along lines of name is closely related-to another name, but not the same name… let alone the same name- so is same being; which I interpret to mean the thought that only one Entity has one name (let alone synonyms)

<that could be the case, but doesn’t seem my understanding.> also just like a visual appearance, or a “feel” contact, can change as you Zoom-in/tune-in more closely (like first impression of someone you met, vs get to know a bit, compared to a friend you know real-well…
did “they” change as you got to know them, or were they disguising/modifying them to you… or might they have changed over time. -and thus your relationship between you change also… let alone a sense of someone Deepens as contact taps at more depth…

Anyway- I’d say as in the first part a visual appearance can change (just like voice or how communicates can “sound” different), likewise the name they give you to call them can change, just as a sigil/signature/seal given to contact them can be “replaced” by them (a refinement, a correction, or even like given a different (private-direct) cell# < -altered contact info so to speak>

just a thought… (in terms of the connection- I’d go with your sense, by which not just simplified to say Intuition or if feels-good… that’s usually the clip version… but with the tools in the Div course… to layer it: pick 3 “invisible Tarot” ie not Draw-pick, but from the shuffled cards… (try moving your physical hands with imaginary deck, seeing your phy hands empty, but also “see” your imaginary hands (not thought-image but Vision) in that other “waiting-room” where you are seated in a vision-chair (after-life hypnos)… in those hands see the deck of cards… .hands doing the same as phy (you’re dual)

flip over a card: a flash of color and it may be vague (expect it to be blurry- if it isn’t ok, but only if it visually glows, not a concept-image)… see the first,then second then third… (use like he mentions the 3 rune selection reading)…

if you are seated in front of this Entity… and draw-flip over 3 “invis” tarot cards- with (unspoken-silent but known) intention of tell me about this Entity and the relationship between us… then what cards? (depends on how you can read tarot)… but even if not- image/name of cards, just think what that could mean (ride it, like a horse- where does it take you? -like it is a known associate that is more than a card-symbol… its an advisor of yours with a msg.
(above isn’t too clear, but may be more than I should have written, as is from the div course)

Ask Entity about what you see/receive from that? (cards and ride-inspired Knowing)   and all with a pinch of salt (or how-ever the saying goes)