Spirit Guide Communication

I think that it is generally recognized that getting into a meditative state is necessary to communicate with demons (at least the part about receiving messages). However, can our spirit guides hear us when we send out a quick “prayer” to them for guidance during the day?

Yes, absolutely in my experience, I posted about this back in 2014 here and the other comments in that thread may be useful as well.

I don’t really know who my spirit guide is. I just pray to it sometimes. Today I asked him and “the spirits of magick” to help me get an authorization from my health insurance to see the doctor about my eye. Within 15 minutes it came through. Would it have happened anyways? Probably. But it seems like praying gave it a nudge.

Either that, or its possible that you sensed telepathically that your request was going to come through, and that this ‘feeling’ (or whatever) then inspired you to pray to your spirit guide.

No, a trance or TGS is not necessary. I communicate with spirits all day long at various times without even summoning them into our realm and not only do they hear me but I hear them as well. Since their time is not the same as ours, sometimes I can feel that they have answered me right away but when I realize a few minutes later, why haven’t I heard anything or seen any signs then? That’s why and oddly enough I will be doing something else and like 5 hours later there it is, making me a cup of coffee and all of a sudden I hear “it needs to be red” am I like WTF does that mean? Then it dawns on me oh yeah, that was the answer to a question I asked 5 hours ago.

Can our spirit guides hear us when we send out a quick "prayer" to them for guidance during the day?


Ever heard the saying “If you build it, they will come”?
Well, if you call it, it will come!

A spirit guide is no different than a demon, they are all forms of energy so the rules of communication are no different between them. In fact, some of us have actual demons as spirit guides and guardians so the only distinctions between these beings are simply the labels they were given and the traits they possess or the nature of the being.

Now, newer and inexperienced magicians, slightly different story. They may not be aware and awake enough to communicate without going into a TGS or setting up a formal evocation ritual but anyone who has solid experience and opens themselves up, can do this without the need for trances or formal evocations.

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How do or what’s the easiest way to get to TGS?