Spirit for interacting with wild animals?


I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with any spirit that helps you encounter wild animals? Or rather helps you get close to/observe them in their nature habitat? I love nature, camping, hiking and so on and I’d love to have more encounters with wildlife that aren’t fleeting or brief. I’m not looking to tame them by any means, just enjoy them.

Thank you in advance!

Barbatos the Demon (Fallen Angel, Order of Virtues)

  • Divines by the singing of birds, the wild archer and wood demon. His specialities are toads, serpents and all felines.
  • He assists in dream-walking, atavism and all manner of astral shapeshifting
  • Barbatos teaches how to decipher what animals speak of

Hass’cotor from the Book of Azazel.

"Hass’cotor can harness the power of animals, bringing you guides and protectors in the form of animals familiars, either physical or astral.

Hass’cotor can also teach you how to communicate
with animals as higher intuitive beings, and thereby learn how
to better access your own intuitive nature."

pg 126 BOA


if im not mistaken there is one spirit called Andramalech he is on the book summoning spirits by konstatinous …you can check it out

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Im pretty sure Andramelech is a destructive god. More of a warlord than a nature guy. Unless im thinking of someone else lol.

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sorry …he is called sirchade



Pan I my favorite for forest beast mode. Or if you’re angelically inclined, St. Francis has gained much repute and power over befriending thee animal kingdom.


I’m going to have to ask him about the cryptid and legend creatures. I’ve been wanting to communicate with one of them for a while now.


@Atinama how do you go about contacting Pan? I’m pretty unfamiliar with him, aside from just knowing a little of the mythology.

@Akhtyahussein Thanks! Have you worked with Sirchade? If so, how’d you do it and how was your experience?


nope i never did call him…