Spirit for getting a Big Bonus/Raise?

Bonus and raise time is coming up, whats the best spirit to help get a large raise/bonus?

King Piamon helped me …not sure if that’s something he usually does or not though.

I’ve also been working with Clauneck some.

I dunno about spirits but the planetary wise, the energies of jupiter(increase,expand) and saturn (status,responsibility) may be of interest to you.


Clauneck. He works fast. Paymon not really his stuff. Since u working for monwy and want tat xmas present. Chk black witch coven video on YouTube. If i broke a rule posting someone else link sorry. Im not peomoting her just given a tip

All I know is Piamon helped me get a raise and @RiseorDie can vouch for it.

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Wait I’m wrong it was KP and yes it did happen

? Well any way the point is somehow I got a raise :joy::joy:


Or was Baelzebub :thinking:

Well one of them helped me!! Was working with a couple of them at the time! I thought we evoked Piamon. …but now I’m confused :confused:

Haha :joy::smiling_imp:

So I’ll just say Hail Paimon, Hail Baelzebub, Hail Azazel , Hail Clauneck! ! That should cover it :slight_smile::smile:

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