Spirit for Attracting a Group

I am not very proficient at direct spirit communication (can do it but not well) so I am still in that newbie stage where I require some third party advice here and there. Lol

As mentioned before, I am more the kind who enjoys the silly, playful affection like that of a F w/ B relationship. It just makes me feel closer since there’s a real relationship there. No need for reassurance; it just is. So with that being said and to take this further, I’ve been spending some time devising ways to alter my personality for attracting a certain type of women – hobbies & such – using sigils. (my own and spirits) I am looking for suggestions on a spirit to attract multiple women for a group situation. However, I don’t really want the whole open gathering thing going with just anybody but instead, more of the tight-knit circle of friends thing . . . that could maybe even live together as roomies. Lol

The vibe I’m aiming for is not that of a playboy wannabe but the kind of fun, kind, trustable best friend type they could come to for anything. I have a general process worked out already. I just would like to see if there’s any suggestions I could get on an appropriate spirit, or any experiences to be shared regarding a relevant one.


is this for a sexual purpose in any manner?

Yeah. Sorry it sounded kinda vague. Lol

Just not like the open party thing though. I mean attracting a tight circle of friends who are open to that kind of thing.


He’s actually the one I’ve been planning on sigil meditating with for the personality alignment thing.

For this particular task of attracting a group, Beleth has actually been stuck on my mind for a bit.

both in tandem?

Possibly yeah. I’ve heard different kinds of energies together at once on the same goal can interfere with a magickal process though. Would they be reasonable to work with together?

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i dont see why not. divine on it

I’ll use my playing cards tonight then. Have you ever achieved anything with them yourself?

i dont work with them, yet.

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Considering their character, I could use Asmoday’s (whom I’ve worked with before) vibe for the aura change and Beleth for loosening social boundaries. I’ll ask them about their methods to be sure.

Reason being because I’d rather not try to act like the playboy type with this but instead, the fun, loose but trustable and non-dominant bff type. Lol

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You don’t even have to use a demon for that. Remember you’re a living god…you can attract women without spirits help. What you need to do is change the aura/energy field that you have. Program it to attract what kind of women you want. I did that, but I did not put anything specific, and it got so damn annoying because every 2 word I got an invitation and a lot of men are looking at me like …it reminds me of a wolf that looks to a lamb…drawling and ready to eat. I had to stop that shit because it got annoying and dangerous I would artact everything…from gang people to CEO’s…


Interesting. How did you go about programming your aura. Envisioning or full on spell casting? Did you take in any foreign energy at all? Or did you simply change your physical behavior?

I used the technique JOS website teaches about programming and working with auras. I added to that EFT technique and put in there what I wanted. Additionally I listened to subliminal and binaural beats about being a magnet/attracting whatever…if I wanted to have a higher charge I used sex energy. Additional to that I do a lot of meditations, a lot of aura empowering and kundalini exercises. I don’t think you can work on energy field if you don’t have a bit of experience with meditation, energy work and so on.


Sounds very effective. Mind sharing a link to the JoS exercises you mentioned?

Is www.joyofsatan web site. I think in the meditation or witchcraft section they explain stuff about it. Don’t remember exactly

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Build the thoughtform of the experience you want to attract. Spend at least a few days building it on the astral plane - work out the specifics. Be sure you’re programming it to be highly magnetized and attractive. It should have sentience (personality), a will to accomplish something, and enough energy to pull it off. Once it’s built up good and strong, and you can really feel the pull to it, start invoking it. You’re going to “install” this routine in your astral body. Pull it into your body, pull in lots of raw cosmic energy to supercharge it, then push it out into your aura and feel that highly magnetized attraction pulling exactly the things you want to you and repelling all the stuff you don’t want. Repeat this every day for as long as it takes for the momentum to build. For normal tasks within reason, it takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 90 days to get the momentum going. You’ll feel it when it’s really going strong, and you’ll notice things moving in the right direction faster and faster. How long it takes to get what you want depends on how diligently you do this work and what kind of and how many psychological/behavioral blocks you have to work through. Remember to dissolve the thought-form when you are done with this experience so you can easily move on to others.


I actually have a personal sigil I used a long time ago for a magnetism spell toward a certain girl but it didn’t work. Maybe I could re-purposed it, visualize through it, charge it, and invoke through it, maybe even have a spirit help empower it. I’ve have a picture of it saved on my phone ever since so I can redraw it.

Come to think of it, there’s a friendly colleague at my job that mentioned “she loves swingers; they’re always cool people”, (lol) and that she’s been into that stuff before. Maybe I could charge the sigil and start hanging around her more. Lol

I’ll see what happens. Thanks for all the advice. Really appreciate it. :smile: