Spirit Files Journal

In my occult Journey there’s been many encounters and findings I’ve uncovered, and experiences of all types. Here is the thread where I’ll be sharing some of them, as well as materials I’ve acquired in the world that have helped me. (and maybe you)


Bariel (4th Pentacle of Jupiter)
First entry is a spirit I think many would enjoy working with. It is the angel Bariel, who is mentioned as ruler of the 4th Pentacle of Jupiter in the Greater Keys of Solomon. He’s known for bestowing wealth, riches, and honors on the magician.

He has shown as primarily female to me. The presence is shadowy and mysterious, appearing as multiple eyes in an amorphous, interwoven shadow figure with wings. Emotional tranquility and clairvoyance are strong traits of hers, as well as a strong sexual radiance. Really attentive and likes to bring a sedative vibe to the home and workplace.

He actually has brought me sums of money and also makes people kindly generous towards the magician. One of my favorite spirits, if a bit hard to read. But no downsides to her at all, really. :heart:


May I ask, what is your main methodology of summoning?

It usually starts with an invocation of Archangel Michael upon his altar, and putting on my Tetragrammaton Talisman. Then I sit at the second table/desk with a black mirror and the spirit’s sigil, both within a talisman sigil painted on fabric.


I really like that crystal ball. Where did you obtain it? I usually use a bowl of water for my scrying.

Here’s the item link for the one displayed above.

LONGWIN 150mm(5.9 inch) Big Divination Black Crystal Ball Amazon.com

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I appreciate the extra info on your methodology. Thanks!

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Recently ran into this video I wanted to share with the forum. Many Left Hand Path magicians and pagan witches (especially on social media) don’t understand most of western occult practice is directly linked to medieval church exorcism. Been saying this for years, but many witches just call me a Christian in denial. (as if I’m supposed to find that offensive or something, like an insult) :smile:

The roman church was always VERY involved in magick and still is. There’s a whole current behind it utilizing the power of angels, demons, the dead, and ritual ceremony.

The Rosicrucians had this understood as well. The three aspects of being: Mind, Body, and Spirit. (God, Christ, and Holy Spirit) Christ is the gnostic idea of perfect union with the higher self. (God in flesh) The trinity of consciousness is also the means of utilizing the 7 spheres (planets) of creation to achieve alchemical transformation. The unfolding of which is symbolized by the blossoming rose, opening upon “rapture”. (the point of transmutation) This is illustrated in many Renaissance Alchemical artworks as well. Relatively similar concept to the Serpent, Egg, and Child of Fire from Greco-Roman Orphic tradition. (Phanes/Mithras)

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I recently saw this video on YouTube that explains the nature of Beelzebub pretty well.