Spirit Figure

I had this thought about replacing an entity’s sigil with a printed image of it that’s pasted on cardboard, during an evocation. So while I’m conjuring, I would gaze into the image of the spirit. Would I still be able to make a link with the spirit?


Printed sigils should work, no reason not to - if you have dounbts, print them (maybe in grey) and go over them with marker pen. I do this for some of the more complicated ones.

I’m sorry I phrased my question wrongly. What I meant by ‘printed image’ is the physical appearance of the entity that’s described in the Goetia. E.g Naberius appears as a black crane, so could I print a picture of a black crane and use it to evoke him? Thanks for the response, Lady Eva.

It might form a valid like, the Egyptians crafted all their gods’ idols to specific canons and would probably have loved the uniformity of being able to print things, so I don’t see why not?

When I posted about Dynamis, I was told images of horses pulling chariots would make a link, and I’ve used images in that way before, though I don’t think specifically to evoke demons.

Yeah it works, go for it.