Spirit Energy changes how we feel about ourselves

This is just something that I have noticed, most of you know this but I thought I would post it for those that don’t.

A couple of weeks ago I indicated myself into the Norse path, I used to think of myself as “Ugly and disgusting” but as I looked into the mirror the other day all I seen was A handsome guy, now I have had my doubts about magic before but this just toke my breath away. In high school I was a loner even to the people I hung out with, I remember one year I didn’t say anything to anyone that entire time I wished I would just get the balls to kill myself already.

My point is this change that has happened to me I never expected it I thought when I graduated I would just take a handful of pills and just end it I didn’t care about the consequences I just wanted a way out, when my ex broke up with me I almost did. I realize now I needed that to happen to me it got me to a place where I meet a good friend that taught me how the world really is.

My point of this post is if you are in a bad place in your life, make it better do everything you can to fix your situation. Take a look into your mirror think about everything you used to be and everything yout are now look at the differences

I can’t even find an old pic of me that’s how bad it was. I used to not even be able to change during gym ashamed of myself that’s how bad it was

I have lost weight and my face is more structured and I’m finally happy, anyways I think I started rambling.

Just remember how far you have come when it gets bad.


That is so TRUE.
Same thing has happened to me also.
I used to think of myself as disgusting and ugly after I burned my hand and my boyfriend left me. I became so depressed and I just wanted this all to end…
I never had the courage to do it though.
I had no friends and those who became my friends left me. I wished someone would kill me…

Then after I starting reading philosophy/Magic… it all changed… for the last few days, I seem to be glowing… my urge to live has come back… even though I don’t have much to live for… I’m in a better place… :smiley_cat: