Spirit Dna Injections are they real? What are they

I just saw a old post about this topic in the lounge which didnt seem serious at all or trust worthy to be frank. More like fantasy and roleplay. Yet it made me wonder, if the concept of receiving dna from entities is possible and if so, how it would be done?

What are the benefits?

And could one not receive dna from their higherself as well?

Anything you know guys

Personally, I think the people who go on and on about “spiritual DNA” don’t even really know what, exactly, DNA is or what it does.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is what makes you, you. It’s a physical thing, and is what carries the genetic instructions for the growth and development of all physical organisms.

Spirits are not physical and. considering that we can create spirits ourselves without having to muck around with any sort of genetic material like we need to do to create another human, I doubt spirits have actual DNA to “infuse” anyone with.

It supposedly boosts your spiritual capabilities. In my opinion, though, it’s basically a placebo effect. You get from it whatever you believe you will. My opinion is that it is actually your own consciousness that is effecting your spiritual body, not any kind of infusion of genetic material from a spirit.

In my time on this forum, I have not ever sensed any sort of real power from anyone claiming to have the DNA from some spirit or another. It’s basically something people use to feel unique and special. Pharaohs claimed to be descendants of the gods as a way to assert their authority to rule, and Chinese emperors did the same thing by claiming lineage to dragons, for example.

It all just energy, so it would simply involve swapping that, whether through sex, touch, astral surgery, or whatever method is most appealing to the mind.

Why? Your Higher Self is basically you writ large. It is already part of your spirit, and is what you carry from incarnation to incarnation.

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I see well makes sense.

Abt why to take the higher selfs “dna” i believe it could elevate us to be the higherself in the now.

In the art of occultism by gabriell salom he instructs you through a 6 month -12+ months long operation in which u at the end then end up within your soul in a temple where your highest self is contained in. We are then instructed to absorb that till we are both one.

Benefits are wide ranged of that practice but i thought through dna injection one could skip those multiple months it would take

You can merge with the Higher Self at any time, assuming, of course, the HS thinks it would be beneficial for you. I don’t think you need some convoluted 6-12 month operation to do so.


I mean i think its possible yes but i dont think u can just do it within a single day. I think it does take a bit of time

If there was such a thing I think the term DNA is inaccurate. I saw the thread before (at least I think I did). I think Energy transfer and/or transformation/manipulation would be closer to what they were suggesting as opposed to DNA injections (since as @DarkestKnight said DNA is a physical substance and spirits aren’t). I didn’t really find it an interesting thread (probably because of the hypothesis it was based on) so have fun looking into it if it floats your boat.

Edit add: not that dna can’t be influenced by energy applied to it but if a spirit isn’t physical how can it transfer a physical substance (dna) from itself to another being. Energy can affect dna (radiation exposure can cause it to mutate and people to get cancers) but for a non dna being to transfer dna from itself to another isn’t a valid hypothesis. That’s why I think calling it dna transfer was erroneous.

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Energy transfer is a good term because that’s basically all it is, and as humans, we can literally swap energy with anything, animate, or inanimate.

You want to be angelic? Instead of asking for a dose of “angel DNA,” just spend some time invoking angels. Several months of weekly invocation will spiritually transform you more than any imagined DNA infusion would.

You want to be more demonic? Do the same thing with demons.

The whole goal of invocation is to become more like the spirits being invoked, and is what traditional magicians did long before science ever thought of DNA.


I agree i am currently performing the shem operation daily and multiple invocation of the 4 elemental archangels + sandalphon + metatron. Made me hella angelic

I generally think invocation is a great thing to do bringing huge transformation

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Which “Shem operation?”

Is this the banishing ritual from Damon Brand’s Archangels of Magick?

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The shem Operation is a ritual from the book angels and archangels by damien echols in which you invoke all 72 angels of the shem ha mephorash into your Aura. According to echols its the biggest and most energy generating operation he knows of and i second that.

Said ritual heavily transformed me from the first time i did it and its the most powerful ritual i have done till now.

The invocation of these 6 archangels is just a side practice in the same book i visualize all 6 archangels expanding before me, behind me, to my right hand, to my left hand, above me and below me while breathing in each time.

Its a fast way to work with the angels or tl just invoke them for spiritual growth

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Ah, thanks. I haven’t read Echols’ books.


If your into angel magick you will f’ing love them the celestial lotus another ritual in which u invoke a lot of archangels of the tree of life zodiac and elemental archangels as a kind of armour into your aura. It strengthens the aura immensely after a month of practice and builds it up to a new level. combined with the shem operation will bring huge transformation to yourself and be a big step to building the lightbody/diamondbody/rainbowbody/etc…,

which you can also do with the 72 goetic entities or any entity whos energy you want in your aura.

I personally plan to continue the shem operation and the celestial lotus for a few months then do the same with the 72 goetic entities afterwards invoke my higherself/ Soul into my energy field with the same operation for a few more months if not as a daily practice even.

Btw what was your experience with damon brand book magickal destiny i read you recommended it in another post

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I stopped it, as I had too much on my plate, and couldn’t give it the attention it deserved. I’ve been focusing mainly on my angelic mantra work for the last year.


Oh i see, how is that going for you?

I once tried the mantras a few times but stopped and went ln with bija mantras and the “ah-meditation”

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Very well. They’ve given me some vast spiritual attainments.

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Do you think it could be combined with the “ah-meditation” u know the focus on the anja and root then chanting the angelic mantras instead of bija mantras

I don’t think so, as the angelic mantras I channelled have nothing to do with the chakras. However, you can a;ways chant the angelic mantras, and then do the AH meditation later. I often combine them with other magick. I think they are a boon to anything else you choose to do, even demonic magick.

I’ve been told by both Hermes and Orobas, that the mantras have an important purpose, especially the one for spiritual perfection.

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Doesnt the Ah meditation involve drawing power from the root/anja and releasing it through the anja.

I believe that can be combined with every mantra or even just normal words.

I wouldn’t say the spirits are injecting their “DNA” into you but more like their energy. I’ve experienced this with my lady/Lilith before but I think it was them “injecting” their energy into my own energy body.

When I first connected with my lady and she surged her energy up through my left foot through my leg and into my entire body. It definitely felt like a bunch of energy was “injected/surged” through me. But I don’t think it was DNA. Spirits don’t have dna, as mentioned before. However energy transfer is real, basically like any other energy exchange (although this particular occasion felt much more stronger…like my body was overcharged…like someone had punched energy into me).

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