Spirit contract

I was forced to a spirit contract and would like to know how to undo or get out of contract as I didn’t know my spirit signed some kind of spiritual contract. How can I know what the contract was for and how to get out of it if I desire to

How were you forced into a spirit contract?

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Well I found myself spiritually signing my name and with my clairvoyance I found out it was some kind of contract.

I don’t understand how you signed your name without knowing it was a contract? Was it done under some other pretense?

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It was not a physical signing. I was signing my name in spirit in the air and conceading to the contract will be to the detriment of myself and my world and anyone here on or in my world

How were you forced? sounds like you signed it willingly because unless there’s a full possession in this.

It’s I guess a no disdainment contract and my own true heil

I could have been possessed at the time of the signing

Well, if you were possessed, then you weren’t the one signing the contract. Who was the contract with?

But youre not sure?

I believe Azhreal? But not sure on this.

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I was conscious but at the same time not conscious spiritually of what was happening

So if it wasn’t me signing how do I get my body out of the obligation

If you’re clairvoyant, then I’m assuming you also have some clairsentience and clairaudience? I would go through the evocation rituals in the tutorials area, summon Ahzrael and ask him. If you would rather work with archangels, then evoke/invite them to it. If not, call upon Lucifer. Any of them should be able to validate who it was made with, whether you made it, and that the spirit you’re speaking with is actually Ahzrael.

The pact would be on the spirit, not the body (but may affect the body). If you’re possessed, you cannot give consent.


Recently I found out that Psalm 117 can be used when you break a pact with spirit! :woman_shrugging:


Thank you Miku appreciate the help

You can revoke it at anytime by just stating with intent that you revoke it. You may still feel an attachment or attack but nothing not even spirits can intervene with your choice to undo a contract. You may lose whatever you obtained though.


Thank you for your advice, uhh assistance.