Spirit Companion

Does anyone know how I could summon a spirit I could befriend, and speak to whenever I wanted?


You can speak to them whenever you want, doesn’t mean they will talk back directly. The closer you are with a spirit the greater the chance they will respond quickly. Also depends on the question, whether it’s important or not. And if you pick up the answer. It won’t always be a thought in your head. It could be something that you just happen to see that day, a song, a passing topic of conversation, a dream, a touch.

If you want a constant companion I would try the letter of intent method. If you want a spirit lover try Lilith, Namaah, or Lucifer, ask for a son or daughter. If you want a familiar type of spirit, write a letter to one of those who are known to give them. King Paimon, Amdusias, Belial etc.


Do you know the steps to ask Lilith for one of her daughter’s? I remember stumbling across a ritual for that before and I have it book marked, but I want to know if there’s a simple method

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Not sure how much simpler it gets than writing and burning a letter. You could try just clearing your mind and asking for one. But with that you risk anything in range potentially answering that call. Type in “Letter of intent” to the search bar. Covers basically everything and is easily adapted.


Letter of intent is an awesome method when astral senses are not open.
King Paimon responds to it quickly. Once i only typed the letter in txt file and saved on my hdd. He did reply in my dream same night. How cool is that :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying and learning from your posts. Thanks for that! I have a question about the letter of intent. In seeking a companion (not a sexual experience involving a petition from Lilith), to whom should the letter be addressed? I’m brand new to this and seeking a spirit companion/teacher to guide me in the right direction. My servitor adventure was a flop even after following Damon Brands book to the letter. I think I tried too hard. I definitely need outside and higher level help. The thought of requesting help from a God directly scares me and I’m sure I’m not ready for that yet. Writing a letter seems safer and more articulate. Any words of wisdom or direction you can share?


If you are seeking a companion and teacher, you could still try writing Lilith or Naamah. Incubi and Succubi are for far more than sexual experiences in my opinion. Many are incredibly patient and loving and very willing to teach if you are open to it. I would however be sure to specify the mentor quality in your letter.

If however you are seeking a more platonic arrangement, you could do the same thing with any of the spirits known for giving familiars. Amdusias, Belial, King Paimon etc. There are others who give them, I just don’t remember them off the top of my head. Again just be sure to ask for one willing to teach and be a constant companion.


Thanks so much for the counsel. I really appreciate your time. I’ll do as you’ve suggested and begin drafting my letter. I think this option will be the best for me. Belial is a name that I’ve seen a lot in the forum. He sounds helpful and able to do all things - but intimidating. I’ll proceed with caution and respect. Hopefully he suffers fools with a good heart and intent.

I’ll also have to give the servitor creation another round of experimentation.

Thanks again! I’m grateful.

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