Spirit Communication Devices

Hello, So I Saw A Vid Days Ago About a box that allows the person to contact spirits and hear them very clearly… I Liked that idea But the device is too expensive and they don t deliver it outside of the us… So i visited the App Store and installed an its App (it has reversed voices of 7 people and 7 voices) I Started looking for paranormal Responses I Asked if anybody can hear m and I Heard Yes from someone I Was Crepe out for a moment cause I didn’t t think the app on the phone would work at all. So after that, I asked them to say my name And it said it I Was more creeped out after that I’ve gone out of the home.When I returned home I used it and had some intelligent conversation the names that the spirits gave were all in Arabic Also (i m living in an arabic country anyway) so that just proves the authencity of m experience and they even said words in my country language ‘weird thing the app i supposed totlak only in english’ Bu From the itc/esp perspective the Aduio is Reversed and I there s any spirit/entity there it ll control the audio to talk to you (I Also tried it in another place but it dind t work) this far I only got the conversations in my home I also heard many spirits talkign saying my name, some impressed, I even asked them how many times someoen contacted them through an app and had succeeded in my country and they said 9

I Just Wanted To Share My Experience Tell Me What You Think About it And About Its Devices? (I Believe my experience was 100% genuine Cause i got many intelligent replies and names and things… even in my own language,scientifically I think its impossible but its happened and I m gonna repeat it today and talk to them if I find any)

Ok, so which app was it? I would like to try this experiment.

First App I Tried Was (The Portal it s free ) It Worked But Missed A Few Feature like the rephrase en increasing the intesity when i get something… So I Bought Another app named spiritus ghost box it worked better and it had visual feature… (when i asked oen of the spirit to show a picture she showed me a picture so it does work well ) If the Portal does work for you i d recommend getting the other one ‘it has more features,make the words clearer…’