Spirit bound rings

Can anyone tall me a reliable and real website I can buy a spirit bound ring from that’s not fake ?also plz shear any story’s you have with using one.

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Etsy or Esty something like that. Write that in Google

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But u no u have to concentrate it yourself and bind it yourself


Is it hard to do?

I don’t know where you can find a reliable one but I had bought one from lothorian magick and I’ve been really disappointed.

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To consecrate is easy but I never tried doing binding before. Not coz Its hard coz it isn’t something I ever did, never found a reason to.

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Maybe it’s easy maybe hard I have no idea. Post on EA.


In the corner the three stripe things click there then click EA and then ask about it. But I m sure u might find how to in the newsletter section

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What do u actually need to that for? What type of spirit?

One of knowledge and ascent and protection to help me and charge my spells and rituals

Check out The Pagan Shop Online, its run by a guy called Billy, he has quite a few pre conjured spirits that are bound to vessels, or you can send him a picture of a vessel and he can remotely bind them to it.
He also offers a custom service as well, you tell him want you want and he then offers this up, the spirits,or demons who want to be with you will then step forward, the best one that matches your energy will be chosen.Prices are very cheap, I have bought loads of spirit and Demon companions from him

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Dude how does this help

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I mean y does a demon bound ring help?

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I never actually bought any of the rings, but I have seen some on sale on various websites, etys, ebay, ect. I would say depending on what you’re trying to accomplish you could bind a spirit to a piece of jewelry yourself.

the method isn’t that difficult. Find a spirit that aligns with your goal for the ring. Ask them for a familiar (the reason for this is, if it’s a known spirit, it will be called away from the binding, an unknown spirit will stay with the binding). Then evoke that spirit into the ring itself, or invoke that spirit and direct their energy into the ring.

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I keep a pendant charged with a spirit. The goal of that is mostly for protection and occasional assistance in energy work of various needs. A charged ring is much like keeping a sigil with you. It assists as a link to a spirit for easy calling as well as the psychological effect of removing what doubt the subconscious could muster up against your working

Which is exactly why I would not buy one from someone else.

Thanks cool

There is a much easier way.

Just keep a Talisman with the demon u work with and invoke. Leave bindings coz I wouldn’t want something holding me. It’s like locking someone in a cage. Rather something but the way to power and ascent has consequences if u Wana trap. Think about it they probably wouldn’t like it.