Spirit bounce items

Hello all,
So I’ve been doing some research on spirit vessels (Jewelry) that spirits will occupy to assist their master. this type of thing interests me and i am wanting to see if anybody has any links or literature that i can read on this process and what i would need to go to go down this path.

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I’ve used such tools before, feel free to ask, I used a talisman of Azazel as well as Odin, various positive benefits were immediately noticeable

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ok so i have 0 knowledge and really dont know what questions to ask because i have no idea where i would start. I am wanting to create my own spiritual army tho so if you have any books that i could browse through or anything like that?

Well I mean if that’s what you want create thoughtforms , look for tutorials on the forum

Ok, so I’m gonna lay myself out here as dumb and say that im not even sure what to search on the forums for. Spirit vessel binding?!?