Spirit attachments and illnesses

I have been struggling with the asthma (I have been chronic brobchial asthmatic all my life) exasperated been on antibiotics natural chicken bone broth qi gong and newer chakra wk where gas been noticeable improvements.
Tomorrow I go back to lung specialist for as l those damned tests and obviously the asthma is still not managed right.
My normal routine is very active in fitness and health- though a tendency to over exercise butes me in the butt sometimes, I have set up ways and a body composition trainer… She is very understanding about alot of practical things.
My issue is that it has been bad like this for about 5 weeks or six. Ove done all I can even with this forced rest and accepting i cannot go and train my arse off but rest and take it easy.

  1. Why am I still like this ???
    Does it involve an outside negative influence
    2… Is it something I brought on myself
    3… part of 1. Wondering if thetes something causing this? I do cleanse and have done a LHP banishing
    4… Recognising that the specialist my prescribe an additional preventer (I have 2), which may be the answer? But I want absolutely healings I cannot stand it any more
    Desperately Asking for. … all of the above
    Thankful in advance

First on the mundane level, have you noticed any consistent patterns in the how and where your attacks are most frequent? Environmental factors can often go unnoticed. For instance I used to have to use my inhaler multiple times a day until I moved to a new home. Also Allergy medicine had worked far better than any cortical steroid after trying both.

Secondly the spiritual side. Focus all your energy into your lungs. I do this with a blue flame visualization (similar to the blue flame breathing exercise of the Feri Tradition of witchcraft), as it burns out all the gunk and swelling, along with any spiritual gunk or parasites that are hanging on.

These might not be one and done solutions, but they certainly help from personal experience.


Sorry to hear that you are ill. Maybe the active substances in the medicine you take cause you more harm than good.

If you already did some banishing,maybe look into chakra healing with a real healer.

Taking antibiotics long term is actually bad, i’ve been there, so now i try to drink more tea, use ginger, nettle etc. And i prefer to make my own tea mix at home, plant supplements are tricky unless you really know about plant properties.

I also had a block of salt, to help breathe better. There are some devices with salt, they improve the air. Have you tried going to a salt mine?

As for cortical steroids and cortisol, stay away if possible.


Thank you @UnseelieDiabolus yes I did & doing have very healthy very natural in almost every consumption im fussy. Occasionally unhealthy item. I have been using the last couple of weeks a peppermint mix nasel spray and once day silver colloid nasel… reducing now I have been addressing all the mundane things that triggered off i have health supplements for my liver which was affected by drs medications 10 years ago whicheans I’d have to be dead desperate with very low (usually) I r high temp otherwise cant touch it. We looked into the allergens connection and reflux -which i think better as i am O+ and naturally highly acidic so now Incorporating red meats where I was vegetarian (vegan makes me ill). Incorporating or eliminating according to blood type has some effect but thetes never one thing.
I have been doing healing body movement now qigong 8 brocade & @Anziel_Merkaba chakra exercise and that helped greatly but still waking up needing nebulizer :frowning: . So posting here out of frustration. I will take your focusing energy Into the lungs… do tonight in bed (v cold).
Thank you @Ophelia Are you referring to Salt lamps? I have "
Breo"*. When put on that 2 yrs ago after being in hospital for exasperated asthma it has been a great relief. The steroid I’m. … no other thing has been effective im already on max dose
Cannot take it as tablet & wont take it in the nose either…hense my concerns
I appreciate the suggested ideas and see what happens. Hospital tomorrow hoping it a simple thing.

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Not a salt lamp, a device which has a block of salt inside (can be replaced) and it circulates the air through a filter.


:laughing:What are they called so I can Google it @Ophelia :heart_decoration:


Specialist gave me a different asthma to add to stuff.

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Salt air purifier machine or saline device.

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Ah ok. Thanks @Ophelia

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Hi! :slight_smile:

Generally, illnesses and dis-ease (asthma also) come from subconscious blockages in thoughts- creating energetic effects, which in their turn cause physical effects. (There’s always that trinity - (intention)/thought///energy////substance( or matter).

When it comes to things not addressed thoughts or things that need to be put in a self-empowering perspective.

Tip: You can check all of your emotional issues and work them out with spirits.
Whatever torments you emotionally, senses of injustice, discomfort in your life - the idea is to not have one though left/un-addressed that is not worked on in coop with spirits (or per ‘theme’ for example, health, material, financial, having everything in order in relation to your sense of justice (anyone in the past that made you pissed off and you feel still didn’t get ‘it’ ? You can for example ask spirits to adjust their views to how you would ideally prefer it to be, for either better harmony and mutual respect - or destruction if that’s what you’re into - however this desire ‘often’ stems from indeed, wanting to be understood and respected or someone else not to be harmful again - understand however that whatever the goal, you can get your point across in a way that works.
If you want a nasty vile person to be friendly, respectful of all life, it’s perfectly possible- the core of all lessons being learned, on the positive side.

In short, I had a few severe warnings about clinging on to anger (as an example of a general negative/ bad emotion), un-adressed, because of repressing it. A guy has, behind my back, destroyed my love-relationships twice, and I felt like obliterating him completely and I left it un-addressed, postponing what I was ‘going to do about it’ and in dreams and half-awoken states, I saw through my 3rd eye (far before it got to that level- that it could potentially develop into cancer if I wouldn’t do anything with that anger that went unto the depth of my being, and later in another dream, I was shown that my anger was like mold, if I would let it be unadressed.)- self-expression , through words in magick or to people is a great way to start dealing with it.

Generally also, whatever’s going on:

you don’t want to leave the result to hazards.
spirits always know what’s going on in you, they see all your blockages
they can help you, guide you, …

While I am writing this, Beelzebub shows up from within and mentions to share with you to ask him to help you to be successful in life (he will do so in a self-empowering, beneficent way, of course either calling him forth in the name of the dragon if you are on the path of the dragon or,
at least, with the lbrp (if you wonder how to do rituals in a way that works for you, let me know)
Even if you are on the right hand path, those type of beings are healers of the subconscious, directly, they are as one with it- and when it comes to belief in yourself and your individual place in the word, they in fact are crucial for balance (example, doing your personal thing in a universal context, having your personal life in order, as an individual) without that there never really is a true balance, or sense of wholeness.

spirit tips (if you need their sigils I’ll send them to you):

  1. Beelzebub, asking him to help you to be successful in life (in all you do, to give general life support/guidance) to help put your life on rails. Also, having a good long talk, tell him from your heart how you feel about everything in your life, have a conversation, it feels good to talk and to be heard, they are perfect therapists - it also creates a bond - they are, beside archetypes, also genuine helpers

(***in E.A.'s words) I worked with them as well btw.

  1. Opfaal (angel):

***Opfaal comes as a tall man wearing pure white
robes. His shoulders are broad and his upper body is
padded in muscle, though his strength does not make him
the least bit intimidating. There is nothing about this Angel
that could warrant the slightest amount of discomfort in his
presence. His eyes are sky blue and seem to dance with
laughter and joy.
Opfaal will deliver the magician from any type of
magickal curse or spiritual bondage. He can free the mind
from any fears or plagues, and can release the individual
from addictions. It is in his power to lift any enchantment
that may be working on any person and to restore one’s
spiritual health.
Although Opfaal’s assistance is astounding at any
time, his abilities are at their highest on the new and the full

(and no worries, If you’re on the left hand path, I noticed that Angels can still help you boost the quality of your black magick, especially when you ask them, you are sure, in case you’re having a doubt yourself, it’s always good to speak out everything that’s on your mind - your preferences to the highest detail you can think of.)

***Rantka: Healing
(optionally also Raphael, who stands for general health and wellbeing- thus in constrast to dis-ease) yet angels can often be discerned more easily.

Rantka appears as a healthy man with short, dark
hair that is always well groomed. He is clean shaven, and
his white robes are perfectly fitting. This precision that he
demonstrates in his appearance is also heard in his speech.
The Angel Rantka teaches both magickal and
scientific methods of healing, and will show the Summoner
how the two are inseparably linked.
Along with instruction in the methods of directing
healing energy and using medical techniques to their
appropriate ends, Rantka teaches the use of herbs and
minerals to both heal the body and enliven the mind.
Although he prefers to teach the magician to heal,
the Angel can cure any disease with a touch when
constrained to do so.

***Hent’yos: Healing

Hent’yos possesses the ability to raise the spiritual
“vibrational rate” of anything whatsoever. Such vibrational
acceleration can heal a variety of diseases, and can cure
depression and other psychological and emotional
disorders. If pushed to an even further extreme, however,
Hent’yos’ power can cause a heightened vibration at a
molecular level, which can cause the piece of matter in
question to shatter.
One application of the incredible abilities that
Hent’yos possesses is in accelerating the natural evolution
of the target. When applied to objects and lifeforms, this
will have little effect, as the evolutionary span is so
incredibly vast that even a dramatic increase would not be
apparent. When applied to situations and obstacles,
however, you will see problems resolving themselves faster
and more smoothly than expected.

:slight_smile: try to start with these perhaps! :slight_smile:
p.s. when you work with them, if you wish, I’d advice you to
ask for full healing and permanent supreme health… :slight_smile:
that’s what I do… :slight_smile:


Find a cause first. Do some alergic test those skin type and those food Type. Check if your spine doesn’t affect ur lungs if u have bad habits with body posture. Do metal detox {3months minimum} if this all doesn’t Give u any effect then u have to think about your mind trauma. Best Way is going to hypnotherapist.

I known some women Who had problems with headache after moving into New flat. She was looking for cause almost 2 years and nottin. At the end She go to hypnotherapist. After that She was told that this New flat is problem to her cus of some things. After She moved away to other flat soon later headache was gone.

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Mullein and parsley tea really helped my sister. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I hope that helps. I grow mullein and can ship you some organic dried if it’s not easily attainable for you.

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I wish I knew how to help you, @Morgana9. I suffer some of the same, but it sounds like you have it worse than I do. Hugs & healing energy to you! :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you. @IrisAthena Doctors gave me a once a day tablet for keeping inflammation down not a steroid. So far big improvement. :heart:


Aw, I’m very happy to hear that! Big hugs!

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Hail Satan !
Hail Morgana9 !!!

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Thanks guy. And gals imput here has been taken and chewed.
Hail Satan indeed. (I hail myself also for no reason, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
Hugs you back @IrisAthena


Those are awsome herbs have us3d them…this was very badly managed asthma… much improved. Thanks for your kind imput @Freyja79