Spirit assistance for building energy in psychic defense auras?

Okay so I recently figured out how to start creating psychic defense auras.
I didn’t notice much specifics on here but I find this to be a very important subject. Because it can’t only help with spiritual defense, but can help with physical defense.

I found out some easy to form shields for a beginner-intermediate level practitioner. There are 2 types of shield; “bubble” shields which can be used to surround both your physical & subtle bodies.
And a skin layer shield which is a shield formed just above your skin.

There are also 2 types of Programming; “Absorb Shield – this type of shield is meant to absorb all the energies hitting it, so the more energy hits it, the stronger the shield becomes. The problem with this shield is that it might be overloaded, and when it does, it might damage the energy system of your body.”
“Mirror Shield – this shield is meant to reflect all the energy hitting it. We also have a small problem with this shield, because the energy being reflected cannot be targeted, so it might hit everything and everyone around you. Still, it probably is the best defense shield possible.”

If you want to know more about this & exactly how to get started on this here’s a link to what I found to be a very helpful site on how to do this;


It’s only about 30 minutes of reading and the information is very to the point.

Anyway my question is; Does anybody know of any spirits that are willing to lend energy, or to be more specific that would help me with charging/building energy in my physical & spiritual defense ‘constructs’ so as to reinforce the programming/structure/efficiency of them?