Spirit animal with cards (CLOSED)

This is in no way completely accurate. I spent all morning finding animals that correlate with my cards. All the animals are chosen with intuition and knowledge of what that card means. The point of this test is to see if I can tell what your spirit animal or your spirit itself is. This could mean traits or literal spirit animal.(some animals are mythical)

I’ll keep it open for a while, it’s fairly simple readings :slight_smile:


I’m curious, I’ll take one if it’s okay! :smile:

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For you I pulled the king of spades.
A dragon.

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Me please yes! Thanks

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For you I pulled the 5 of hearts.
A squid

I’ll take one ty

I would love one :innocent:, if u are still doing it.

I pulled a 4 of spades.
A artic tern

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Do me please

huh, thanks! :grin:

I pulled a three of diamonds.
A bear

Thanks, :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I pulled a six of spades.
A swan

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cool! Thanks

Do me as well, thank you!

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Hey man good to have u back. . can u pull one for me too. Thanks

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I pulled a six of hearts.
A wolf

Hi can I get one, rly interested to know thx

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I pulled a two of clubs.
A groundhog

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I pulled a queen of diamonds.
A sheep